July 15, 2005

For what it is...

Welcome to my blog. Bear with me as I populate it with way too much info about my 18 month old son and his adorable (albeit boring to some) antics. No doubt there will be bouts of false labour in the coming weeks as well as I am in the late stage of pregnancy with son #2...consider yourself warned. ;)

Please note that parental discretion is advised. I freely admit that I have a potty mouth.

I guess I should address question #1 that will arise regarding my choice of title. WTH is a bumblerazz?? Short version...my husband and I were trying to think of an interesting title for our first child's photo album site. We didn't want anything with the family name, or anything cutesy like "weewittleone" or similar crap. We wanted something interesting. So we started making up words that might describe parenthood. Came up with some doozies (can't recall any right now...but they were pretty funny) and finally decided that bumblerazz might work. Meaning that we would stumble thru it (or bumble in our case) yet try to keep a sense of humour (a razz, which is apparently another word for fun...i dunno, ask my husband). So bumblerazz was born.

OK, that wasn't such a short version. Which leads me to another warning...I tend to ramble.


Anonymous Andrea said...


Your first comment! I'm so excited.

15/7/05 14:14  
Anonymous wr said...

what i always thought it meant???
BUMBLER: someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence
AZZ(ASS): a vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person

bumbler + azz = dumbass


18/8/05 16:05  

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