August 17, 2005

A conversation you don't hear every day...

This was last nite, between Jon and I:

Me: I think I need to get another Rubbermaid bin for storing the boys' clothes...
Jon: Oh, just sec, I have to go rescue a groundhog.
Me: Uh huh, 'k.

Jon goes out to rescue a wee groundhog from the pool...tho he managed to climb out on his own.

Jon: So, you need another bin?
Me: Yah, right now the stuff too big for Iain is in one, and....


Anonymous WR said...

Groundhogs remind me of the movie groundhog day.. which reminds me of Bill Murray.. which reminds me the new GHOSTBUSTERS DVD is now available! CLASSIC!

18/8/05 13:18  
Anonymous wr also said...

Groundhog day also reminds me of the song "i got you babe" which is now stuck in my head!!!!
HA! i bet you're singing that song now or you will be soon!!! bwahahaha

18/8/05 13:20  
Blogger Tanya said...'re right abt the song. dammit...

18/8/05 13:36  
Anonymous wr said...


18/8/05 13:51  
Anonymous Amy said...

Whoo-Hoo! You finally did the blog thing! So funny about the groundhog... it reminded me of the movie too...LOL!

18/8/05 14:48  
Anonymous wr said...

are you singing the song?
bwahahaha *evil cackle*

18/8/05 15:34  

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