August 22, 2005

So this is 30

I always said that age is nothing but a number. Am I right? Of course. But now that I've actually hit seems different. I mean, its ok I guess. Nothing bad so far. When do the wrinkles start? Will I all of a sudden wake up one day with (more) cellulite? Can I still wear hip huggers, tight shirts and skanky uncomfortable boots? Does the funky hair have to go?

OK, I know all of those points are ridiculous. Turning 30 doesn't mean that all of a sudden I have to start wearing mom jeans and letting myself go. I know once you're a mom, there are certain things that inevitably will get overlooked. A simple hairstyle is certainly a must...who has time to fuss? And luckily the clothing that looks half decent on me is actually in style. I dunno what I'm gonna do when styles change...

I've heard from coworkers and others that some things you just can't control. Or work harder at to control. Gravity isn't a woman's friend. Neither is the sun...dammit. Cellulite happens. So do wrinkles. Mostly thanks to sun. Do crows feet and laugh lines really build character? I guess we'll see...

Oh, and still waiting for Iain btw... Lots of non-painful contractions happening. But thats it. I'm pretty much ready pooter potion is brewed (basically comfrey tea for my sitz bath), the boys' rooms are pretty much cleaned up and ready, so I shouldn't have to fuss with them anymore. The only thing missing are frigging lamps. Holy shit...why is it so hard to find SIMPLE, unbreakable lamps that aren't specifically meant for kids, and therefore too juvenile? We braved the Saturday rush at Ikea this w/e to pick up a rug for Cael's room and lamps. We got a rug (and spent more than I wanted to, but its a nice rug), but damned if we could find lamps. Dunno if its just 'cuz its back to school time or what, but all they seemed to have were the adjustable arm desk lamps. What I want are plain black metal pole lamps with smallish plain white or off-white shades for their dressers. Ikea used to sell them, but not any more. I've looked at Walmart, Zellers, Crappy Tire...nuthin'. They either have "fancy" lamps or ultra modern. Not what I'm looking for. So my quest for lamps continues. If anyone sees some let me know...


Anonymous Amy said...

That sucks about the lamps...didja try Sears yet? Glad to hear 30 is treating you OK. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do if the styles ever change either... probably be an embarassment my kids. Till then, Levis 501 jeans and tee's are my saving grace!!!

23/8/05 19:25  

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