June 30, 2006

Knee deep in, uh...poop

That's us this week.

It started with Iain's fever on Sunday. Then the poop started. We're talking newborn-like-pooping-every-diaper poop. I cut out dairy and anything too fibery from his diet...he's getting complex carbs, bananas and applesauce. He's still not quite right. Tired (he's taking 2-3 hour naps twice a day, plus sleeping 12 hrs at nite), cranky, zero appetite. Sometimes his diapers are completely dry, besides the poop. Which has me worried. He doesn't even want juice. Or formula. And forget water... I'm trying not to worry too much tho. He's still alert and has some bursts of energy where he's all over the place. It might be teeth that's casing a lot of it. His top gum is so swelled...

Then Monday Jon started to feel crappy. He went to work on Tuesday anyway, which was a mistake. He ended up having to take the next two days off. Only 'cuz he wanted to make sure he was good to go for his golf tournament today...

On Tuesday it was my turn. I've NEVER been that bad. Ever. I felt ok in general. Just running for the bathroom every 15 minutes. I don't think my butt was even that sore with post-childbirth hemroids. All I can say is thank the gods for Cael's Kandoo wipes... But I've lost 10 pounds this week. As if I have it to lose... Its a rough way to diet, but I highly recommend catching a gastro if you want some quick weight loss.

As for my first born, he escaped all this. Again. He was apparently terribly cranky and had a bit of a fever on Wednesday morning and Jon had to go get him at daycare. We thot that was the start of it, but the fever was gone by the time he got home and he didn't have one poop that was even a bit loose. The kid has a very impressive immune system. We still don't know where the fever came from... And the crankiness could have been gas pains. During lunch that day, the kid was letting rip some farts that made me proud.

So Jon and I are back to 100%...just tired from taking turns running to the can all nite earlier in the week. I just hope Iain starts to get better soon...poor tyke.

Sorry for the non-inspirational post...my ass still hurts.


Anonymous Amy said...

OOOhhhh. Two words for you. Charmin Ultra. It was a godsend when we had the flu. (So soft and cushie!!) I'm so sorry to hear that the little guy is having such a rough time with it. It sucks for sure, and the worrying is just as bad. Hope everyone feels better soon.

30/6/06 17:32  
Blogger ccw said...

So sorry for your family. Glad you are better, but I hope the boys are 100% soon.

5/7/06 08:59  
Blogger Tanya said...

amy, the first thing i thot of when we started is that we should get charmin'. lol! we didn't have it tho... ironically, we picked some up at costco this past w/e. alas, too late for my sore bottom...

ccw, we're good to go now, tks! just have teeth to deal with. ;)

5/7/06 10:56  

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