May 11, 2006

Taa daaaaa!

Here it first ever scrapbook page!

The burgundy is actually material that is the same colour as my bridesmaid's dress. The other bridesmaid wore dark green, like the paper on the right. We used raffia to tie the tags on the favours (candle holders made out of clay pots), thus the use of the raffia. The paper I used to mat the photo is handmade, and its what we used for our invitations. The main flower in my bouquet was daisies, and we used daisies to decorate the cake, as well as floated some in rose bowls on the tables. And I looked EVERYWHERE for some sort of daisy embellishment to use and couldn't find any. So I made the daisies. I also made the wire "Our Day" on the top right. The only thing I'm not pleased with is the lettering for the date. Might re-do that at some point since its only attached with brads.

Not bad for a first attempt! :D


Blogger ccw said...

Very pretty!

12/5/06 10:00  
Anonymous Amy said...

Beautiful!! It looks amazing, and it's your first attempt!! It's so great that you are able to channel your creativity into something that is so meaningful to you and Jon... definitely a keepsake for years to come!

12/5/06 18:47  

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