April 20, 2006

I rocked my baby

Iain has been having separation issues at naptime. He sobs as if his heart is breaking as soon as I leave the side of his crib. He will eventually fall asleep, but often I have to stand there with my hand on his back, my other hand stroking his head.

Yesterday he would NOT settle no matter what I did. He was crying himself hoarse. I was getting mad...I kept thinking how ridiculous he was being. He's been insisting on falling asleep on his own since he was three months old, so why is he being such a pain in the ass? I didn't want to have to start sleep training or anything like that at this age. I thought maybe he was hungry...I had just boobed him and he had stopped on his own, so I'd assumed he was done and put him to bed. But I decided to mix up a little bit of bottle anyway and picked him up to see if he wanted it. I begrudgingly sat in the rocker recliner in his room, cuddled him up in a fleece blanket and rocked while he guzzled the bottle. Of course I felt terrible, starving the poor child.

He played with the edge of the blanket as he drank...he is a very active feeder. His little hands are always searching for something...the nursing necklace has been a godsend. Within a couple of minutes, his wee eyes started to droop. He continued to eat, drinking almost the entire three ounces I had prepared. Soon he was out cold, and I couldn't bring myself to put him down just yet.

With Cael making the move to his big boy bed, I've been a wee bit emotional. These kids are growing so fast I can't keep up. Before I know it, I'll be back at work and won't have the chance to enjoy one-on-one time with either kid without the other wanting equal time. Not to mention that all too soon, mom won't be the most important person in the world and cuddles will be few and far between.

So I sat in the rocker with Iain for another half hour. When I finally put him down so I could get some things done, he opened his eyes and looked at me sleepily for a minute, then grinned as his eyes closed slowly and he went back to sleep.

I rocked my baby, and it was wonderful.


Blogger ccw said...

What a sweet post! Baby H only lets us hold her when she is sick, so on the few occassions that she is being a complete and utter ass... I mean fussy about sleeping I also enjoy rocking my baby.

20/4/06 11:03  
Blogger Tanya said...

we're lucky with cael...he is SUCH a cuddlebug. always coming for hugs and snuggles. but it already seems that iain is different. squirms to get down to play after 5 mins of hugs. i hope its just the novelty of his new-found mobility and he'll enjoy snuggling too. he certainly gives big hugs when we get him up from a nap or whatever...wraps his little arms around our neck and kicks his legs. or humps us, depending how you look at it. ;)

20/4/06 12:39  
Anonymous Amy said...

Aww, so sweet... It breaks your heart, how fast they seem to not "need" us, doesn't it? Last night I had a dream that I was nursing Connor. I woke up so sad and almost lonely. I know that I nursed him for 2 years, you think I woulda had my fill, but I still miss it. He's still a huggy guy though, coming at me with puckered lips and telling me that I'm his baby. There's nothing better than love from the little guys!!

20/4/06 19:00  

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