February 27, 2006

Even toddlers wake up confused

I went in to get Cael up this morning at 6 ayem, as usual. He was fast asleep...dunno how well he slept last nite. When I went in to do my tuck-in ritual before I went to bed, he was lying there awake. :( But he was quiet, so maybe he slept before that...who knows.

Anyway, this morning he didn't move when I opened the door...usually he at least stirs a bit. I touched his back under the covers and he drowsily lifted his head and said "cookie". I fought back a laugh and said "Pardon?" and he mumbled "cookie" again. I told him that cookies were not an appropriate breakfast and that he'd have something else. So he said "vitamin"...which to him are gummy bears. He loves gummy bears, and we give him gummy vitamins, therefore all gummies are vitamins.

'Twas funny...


Blogger ccw said...


Baby H said "Plase a hot dog" when I opened her door the other day. Uh, no - hot dogs and cookies are not breakfast items.

28/2/06 09:13  
Blogger Tanya said...

uh, nooo. hot dogs aren't for breakfast.

would it gross you out if i told you i just finished one? with about a litre of mustard on it? really... lol!

28/2/06 09:30  
Anonymous Donna said...

I used to eat hotdogs for breakfast every day for the first trimester with my DD. Dripping with ketchup, mustard and relish! Must be why she can't stand them now! Mmmmm, cookie dreams...

28/2/06 12:20  
Blogger ccw said...

tanya, hot dogs gross me out since my pregnancy with Baby H. I went through a phase of eating nothing but hot dogs and now the sight can make me ill. Fortunately, I can still eat brats and sausages with lots of mustard and kraut. Yum!

1/3/06 09:15  

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