January 31, 2006

One 4 AM riser + no coffee = ....

Uh, lets just say One tired mama. Too exhausted to come up with anything interesting. And caffeine isn't Iain's friend, so no coffee. I don't get it...he's been doing great for the past month and now his "schedule" is all fucked up again. Ugh... Is there a 5 month growth spurt? Maybe that's all it is. Here's hopin'...

Is that a good enuf excuse for not posting lately?? Good then... I'll get back in the swing soon I hope.

I have been crocheting (in all my spare time...HA!) too...I found a super easy poncho pattern (which I've altered slightly...) and some beautiful khaki, rust and cream yarn (the kind that has all those colours in it...my mind is drawing a blank as to what its called), so I'm a crocheting fool! But in hindsight, I should have made a scarf so I'd have something to show for my work a lot sooner...by the time i finish the damn poncho, it will be too hot to wear it. ;)


Anonymous Beanie Baby said...


Sorry you're so tired, I know what that's like. Hope Iain starts sleeping for you soon.

31/1/06 14:05  
Anonymous Donna said...

i can definitely sympathize with you. marco was a very inconsistent sleeper until just a few months ago, coincidentially when i took away his bedtime bottle. related - who knows! anyway, just remember, this too shall pass. before long he'll be in a "big boy bed" sleeping 12 hrs a night. :-)

1/2/06 08:58  
Blogger ccw said...

Baby H is 2 and we are still sleep issues. That is what I posted about today, too. I hope you get some sleep.

Maybe you can wear the poncho in early spring with a light top if it gets finished in time.

1/2/06 09:08  
Anonymous Amy said...

Sorry bout the lack of sleep... I'm right there with ya tho... 2 out of 3 were up all night with a cough, and only mommy will do... Glad to hear about the poncho tho, if the weather keeps up like this, you'll definitely get to wear it after its done!!

1/2/06 21:50  
Blogger Tanya said...

tks guys...he's still all over the place, but at least he's happy when he's awake, right? i wonder if he's starting to teethe. i notice today that his wee cheek is a bit red.

andrea, YES...that yarn. its really pretty ...i should take a pic.

ccw, well, you had a much worse nite than i did. ack! i feel like a wimp for complaining.

donna, i keep meaning to give you a call...the day is usually gone by the time i get a chance.

and the poncho is sloooow going. i honestly think it will be summer by the time i finish. ;)

3/2/06 08:36  
Blogger suze said...

oooo...4a.m. and no caffeine. i feel for you.

the poncho sounds like it will be gorgeous when it's finished, no matter what the season!

6/2/06 13:27  

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