January 18, 2006

Two years ago today...

...to the minute, Cael was born.

Has it really been two years?? It feels like yesterday. I still remember the smell of you, lying on my chest right after you were born. And the exhaustion...you just didn't want to come out and meet us! We were so anxious...we didn't know whether you would be a Cael or a Kaelyn! Though I felt all along that you were a boy. ;)

You were such a beautiful baby...perfect skin, perfect shaped head, adorable wee nose, a lovely bow-shaped mouth, beautiful little hands and feet.

Then the acne developed. Oh man...it was pretty horrible. Our little pizza face... Luckily it cleared after a month or so. You should be good until age 13 or so now...

We've had our challenges, honey bear. The appetite you had...good god. Looking at the size of you now, you'd never know you ate non-stop most days as an infant. And you never slept. You were much too nosy and just wanted me to cradle and entertain you all day. At the time I was frustrated and upset that every time I put you down so I could eat or use the bathroom, you'd cry. (Though I did very quickly get the hang of using the bathroom while holding you...the key is elastic waist pants...) Now I wish I'd held on longer... Thankfully I had many friends (virtual and in person) who kept me going and didn't let me give up nursing you even though I was sure I was the problem, not producing enough or whatever. And I'm so glad I kept at it... I must have done something right somewhere because all of a sudden you decided sleep was good, and now you run for your room as soon as we ask if you're tired. As for eating...well, we won't go there. Hopefully soon you will realize that the yummy food I make isn't poison. I'm sorry hon, but you can't live on Veggie Booty, toast, fruit and yogurt!

You were motivated from the beginning. Wanting to move...you would get so frustrated just lying there. You were much happier once you started creeping around at 6 months or so. And the cats haven't been the same since. Good thing you were so gentle with them...

Before we knew it you were all over the place. Your first tumble was when you were just barely 6 months old and pulled yourself to standing at the gate. We happened to look over and see you standing and no sooner did we say "Holy shit! He's upright!!" when you fell over backwards and hit your head on the floor. And from there, you fell over a few more times...I was sure the bump in this photo (above the right eye) would turn into a black eye. You fell over in your crib when you stood up one day after a nap.

Last year's birthday was memorable, but not for the obvious reason that you turned one. You and I ended up back in Nova Scotia for my grandfather's funeral. It was supposed to be on the day of your birthday, but there was a wicked snowstorm so it was pushed to the 19th. Luckily you had already met Grampie the previous two times when we went home to visit. He acted gruff, but he loved us grandkids to bits and was so proud and tickled to meet his first great-grandchild.

You've changed so much this past year. We've watched you mature from a baby to a boy. You started walking (and running), finally grew some hair (tho I've still only had to cut it once, just last week. And you freaked out...) and learned to express yourself with words. You always make sure all doors, cupboards and gates are closed. And heaven forbid we take our time getting things out of the fridge. Your independance floors me...who knew that such a needy baby would become a kid who likes to play quietly in his room? You are such a sweet, smart, goofy little boy and you always make us laugh.

You love to read, do puzzles and draw. Just yesterday you learned to draw a swirl. And you shocked me to bits when I wrote "HI" on your Aquadoodle and you knew it said hi. You also know your name when you see it written. I mean, I knew you were a genius, but is it possible that you are recognizing words?? I can't keep up with you...

You are so good with your baby brother...always giving kisses and hugs. This morning, daddy was running late, but you still insisted that you had to give Iain a kiss before you left. We really lucked out there.

Everyone who meets you marvels at how good you are, and how bright. We take the compliments of course, but it really has nothing to do with us. You came with the personality to be a learner...we didn't have to do a thing except some half-assed nurturing. You are destined for greatness, my little man. I just know it...

Happy birthday, baby boy. We love you very much and are sososo proud of you.


Anonymous Donna said...

OK, great writing Tanya. You made me cry at work! :-) Happy belated b-day to Cael! I can remember when he was born. Seems like last month but at the same time it seems like forever. My baby boy will be 2 in April and it seems so weird. When I think that in Sept I'll have a 6 Year Old it freaks me out. She lost her first tooth last weekend and although she was soooo excited (she said she was feeling grown up now), I was a bit sad b/c the baby girl/toddler is gone for sure. I guess the key is to enjoy them at whatever stage they're at - and take LOTS of pics and videos!

19/1/06 08:35  
Blogger ccw said...

Happy, happy birthday!!

19/1/06 09:46  
Blogger Tanya said...

yaaay! i made someone cry! ;) tks for the bday wishes ladies!

A lost a tooth?? man...i still rememeber when she was born. time flies!

20/1/06 06:49  

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