December 12, 2005

A post that can easily be done while nursing...

SloganizeMe! Borrowed from True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama. Fun!

A Bloonsie Works Wonders. (indeed!)

Cuts Bloonsie Time in Half. (oh, that's not so good...)

You Too Can Have A Bloonsie Like Mine. (the perfect xmas gift!)

Clunk Click, Every Bloonsie. (huh?)

That'll be the Bloonsie.

Make It A Bloonsie Night. (jon'll like that one...)

Every Bubble's Passed Its Bloonsie. (i don't get it)

Mama's got the Magic of Bloonsie. (love it!)

Wow! I Could Have Had a Bloonsie! (eat yer heart out)

Race for the Bloonsie.

and my fave...

We Bring Bloonsie to Life. (GOD KNOWS I NEED IT)

I could keep refreshing, but I'll leave it at that. ;)


Blogger Running2Ks said...

I like them. And I don't get the bubble one either :)

13/12/05 18:41  
Anonymous Amy said...

Yeah, I'm with her about the bubbles. BTW you looked awesome in that dress! (And Jon looked very proud to have such a hottie hangin' off his arm!!)Glad you had a good time!

16/12/05 14:42  

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