November 15, 2005

One of a Kind show alert

I just happened to visit the One of a Kind Show site again and noticed something VERY exciting!! Well, to me anyway. In the the row of folks on the front page, look at the lady third from the right. That's my aunt!!! If you are patient enough to watch all of the Flash presentations showing vendors, she's the one who carves wood! :D Very neat products...she carves and paints very realistic looking birds. I'm all atwitter now... I just noticed that she's in the vendor profile section as well. They call her a vibrant redhead. lol! Too funny...

Wow...I so wish I could go. Looks like such a neat mix of vendors...


Blogger Running2Ks said...

That is really neat. You are related to a famous artist!

15/11/05 19:04  

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