October 19, 2005

Family resemblance?

Sorry to those of you who have already seen these pix on a msg board...

Cael at 8 weeks:

Iain at 6 weeks:

Isn't that crazy?? And lookit the chubby wee arms! :D


Blogger Yankee T said...

ADORABLE! And yeah, they definitely look alike.

19/10/05 18:11  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

Oh my god, they're twins!

20/10/05 07:00  
Anonymous Donna said...

I thought the top baby was Iain! Twins born 18 months apart???

20/10/05 10:44  
Anonymous Amy said...

They DO look like twins!!! That's insane!! (They are so sweet though!!! I just love the chubbies!!!)

20/10/05 16:17  

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