October 06, 2005

Slackest blogger ever checking in

Yes, I know I'm bad. As good as things are going here, I still grab naps when I can during the day, just in case things go downhill. Want to be rested! Today I'm feeling pretty good after 2 excellent nites, so here I sit. Such a rebel... So yep. Iain is great. He has his moments of course...what baby doesn't? But I honestly can't complain. He has even put himself to sleep! In his crib!! I was amazed. Cael sure as hell didn't do that. I know, I know...stop comparing. But I can't help it! My second born does seem to have a cold tho. :( I never had to deal with that before so its been interesting. He's doing well tho...he gets a bit frustrated eating, but his sleeping hasn't been affected. Yay. He's smiling like crazy too. I go in to get him from his nap, where he has been squirming around, roll him over to his back (yes, I am the worst mom ever and the child sleeps on his stomach. *gasp*) and always get a huge gummy wide mouth grin. Adorable. Often I can leave him there for a few minutes and he'll smile and talk to his mobile. Until he remembers he's hungry...and then he goes from zero to meltdown in 5 seconds. lol!

The smiley guy himself...

Cael is great too. Comes out with new words and phrases all the time. I'm amazed daily by how sharp he is. The other day before leaving with daddy to go to the sitter's, he gave me a big kiss and said "bye bye, good day mommy". Translation: Bye, have a good day mommy Sososo cute. He's started kinda saying Iain too. It comes out Eeeeee right now, but he points right at him when he says it. :) I'm so glad he's able to express himself. Makes mealtime etc. much easier 'cuz he can actually tell us what he wants. Apparently he can live on juice, apples, cookies and yogurt...tho he will sometimes eat other things if we offer them. I so hope this fussy stage passes.

Just to keep the photo posting even...Cael trying out the bumbo seat. Yep, he fits in it.

That's the offspring update... I did update their photo site yesterday for those of you who are interested. And really, who isn't a sucker for kewt kid/smiley baby pix? ;)


Anonymous Donna said...

HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious! But I also feel a bit annoyed for you. I can't stand it when people come into someone else's home and expect things to be as they would have it. If you want it all your way, stay HOME! ;-P As for Thanksgiving dinner, take her freakin' veggie patty, crumble it up, mold it into a turkey shape and serve that to her Highness.

6/10/05 14:25  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Welcome back. They are adorable kids!

6/10/05 18:29  
Blogger Yankee T said...

The kids are gorgeous!

10/10/05 10:55  
Anonymous Amy said...

awwww! They are such sweeties! You grow cute babies!

12/10/05 20:33  

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