September 06, 2005


Iain Parker Sewell!

Not a whole lot of time, but I just want to say that I had such a wonderful experience. I got my med free birth, even tho it wasn't necessarily intentional. But I'll get to that in a sec...

Rewind to Thursday. I had to go to the hospital in the morning to be examined by the gyn to make sure I was a good candidate for induction. He agreed that I was and asked if I wanted to do it that day! Ack! We said sure, but the nurse found out that they were too busy anyway. lol! So we stuck with the Friday plan. The gyn said that he thot they could just break my water and I’d go into labour on my own within a couple of hours. I expressed concern in having my water broken ‘cuz I didn’t want to end up with no contrax happening and needing a c-section. He reassured me that if no contrax started, they’d start the drip. He said that I’d be much more mobile if they just break my water…no monitors etc. Also, my crevix was very favourable and he didn’t imagine I’d need the drip anyway…he predicted that Iain would be born within 5 hrs of my water being broken. That made me feel much better. So we left the hospital and did some last little bits of shopping and puttering for the rest of the day.

So we arrived at 8 on Friday as instructed and they hooked me up to the monitors to see if anything was happening on its own and to see how Iain was doing. There were no real contrax going on to speak of and Iain was still good. They broke my water at 10 and had me stay in bed so he'd descend (don't understand how he'd do that when I’m flat on my back, but anyhoo...) and put me back on the monitors for an hour to make sure all was still well. I had a few minor contrax but nothing I’d consider unbearable...barely even painful really. I was pretty relaxed...

At 11:30, they finally let me up to walk and as soon as I stood up, I had a good contraction. No prob...we walked a bit and I had another maybe 7 min later. Then another 5 min later. They stayed at 5 for maybe 3 more contrax. All were enuf that I had to seriously breathe and lean over the wall rail. Then all of a sudden I had one only 15 seconds after the last had finished. It was bad enuf that I was squatting/kneeling while hanging onto the rail. They were one on top of another after that...less than 2 min apart. We’d only been walking around for maybe 25 min.

We made our way back to the nursing station at noon and Jon told them what was going on while I squatted and moaned in the hall. The dr on call took one look at me and ran to help the nurse get the stuff ready. I hadn't even been officially admitted yet...I had no room! It was a super busy day for them…in the 2 hrs I was being monitored, 5 babies were born. Crazy. Anyway, I just stayed right there and had contraction after contraction while they scrambled to get my room ready. They finally got me in there and I asked the nurse to run the bath, which she did. While she ran it I had to go #2. Ahem… I had another contraction at the same time. Jon had gone to the evaluation room to get our stuff and happened to come in while I was on the can. He told me later that it just looked like I was sitting there moaning pushing out a huge crap. Nice… And sorry for the tmi...

Before I got in the tub, the nurse had me get on the bed and she checked me and I was at a 7. I had another good contraction while on the bed (I was on my hands and knees btw...the thot of being on my back wasn't appealing in the least) and the nurse asked if I wanted to get an iv started in case I wanted an epi later. I agreed, thinking even if I didn't end up with the epi, I was ready if I wanted it. The pain was soooo bad and I figured that I’d be ok for another little while but if labour dragged on at all, I’d want relief. So I said I’d get in the tub while the nurse got the iv stuff. Had another contraction on the bed then I felt like I was going to be sick b4 I got in the water but on the way to the can the nauseous feeling passed.

No sooner did I get in the tub and sink in up my boobs when I had another huge contraction and my body started pushing. I couldn't control it. Jon yelled out that I was pushing in the tub and I yelled that I couldn't help it...the dr was just wheeling the baby station in and ran out to tell the nurse to forget the iv stuff. They got me out of the tub and dried off and I made it to the bed b4 the next contrax hit. They checked me and sure enuf, I was complete and Iain was coming down. I was on my knees again...kinda a frog position actually. It was comfortable between contrax 'cuz I could just collapse on my tummy while Jon sponged my back and face with a cool cloth. I pushed in that position the whole time...for a total of 20 min. Iain arrived at 12:47 after abt 50 minutes of active labour.

It was so intense. I wasn't really planning a natural birth...figured I’d play it by ear. I had no idea I’d have no choice! lol! He came so fast he didn't even have a conehead...perfectly round. And I tore. Relatively minor 2nd degree perineal tear, but lots of tearing around and some just inside. They compared it to a starburst...lovely. It took longer to sew me up than it took to get him out. I did feel great afterwards. Much better than with Cael. Maybe 'cuz it was a shorter labour? Dunno... And I couldn't believe the size. 8 lb 10 oz and 21.5” long. WTF?? Where do I hide them?? Here's a pic of me as we were leaving to drop Cael off and go to the I look like I was carrying such a big baby in there?

It was funny…the nurse and dr said he was a big baby and I said, “Nah…he’s tiny! Just look at him!” Nearly died when they weighed him… And another funny thing…the dr who delivered and the nurse who attended to me were the same who delivered Cael. Very spooky…there is a lot of staff there and I’d think the chances of getting the same team for 2 different births is pretty rare!

Oh, bfing is going great! With the shield ‘cuz of the stoopid inverted nipple that he can’t draw out on his own, but no guilt this time. It works for us and he's doing well. And my milk came in b4 we even left the hospital, so it isn't affecting supply/production at all. He weighed 8 lb 2 oz on checkout. A nurse was here yesterday to weigh him and he's gained an ounce since we came home, so she was pleased.

So there ya go. Thank you to those of you who suggested freezing pads. Actually, my cooch thanks you. Its HEAVENLY.

There are prolly a bunch of details I'm forgetting to tell, but that's ok. If you want to know anythng I didn't mention, just ask! :) He stirs...was hoping for at least an hour but no. lol!


Blogger Running2Ks said...

He's beautiful! Congrats on the birth and everything. Great job!

6/9/05 16:56  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

Congratulations again!

I love the story. You are a birthing machine, woman.

7/9/05 08:22  
Anonymous Amy said...

Congrats on another perfect baby boy! Glad to hear that all went well with labor too! I'm looking forward to seeing y'all next month!!

7/9/05 08:35  
Blogger Yankee T said...

Here via the lovely Beanie Baby! Any friend-o-hers is a friend-o-mine. Congratulations! I get teary looking at your beautiful baby; my kids are now 17 and 13...
I look forward to reading more about your beautiful little family.

7/9/05 11:07  
Anonymous Tanya B (TansTTC#1) said...

Awww Bloons, he's just gorgeous!!!

Congratulations! I serisouly dunno where you hide them, but WOW! I would have guessed a 6lb'er by looking at ya! ;)
Great job on the birth and you took it all in stride! You were meant to have kids!
Congrats again, he's gorgeous, and Cael looks pretty darned cute to boot. How's he adjusting?

7/9/05 21:06  
Blogger Kim said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Thanks for sharing your story!

10/9/05 13:39  

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