August 31, 2005

OK, now that I've had a nap...

I feel a bit clearer. lol!

I feel like I should post something a bit more positive. Being overdue isn't the end of the world. I'm only 2 days overdue after all. And I still feel great. Its not like I'm constipated, bloated and cranky. No soreness (except the occasional ass pain tks to Iain pressing into my sciatic nerve...lovely), still usually sleeping ok. Last nite was an anomoly...haven't lay awake for hours like that in ages.

I guess I'm just a wee bit bitter that we prolly won't get to do the counting contractions, speculating whether they're close enuf for us to go to the hospital. We kind of got to do that with Cael, but since I had that damn back labour, it was more like "I don't fucking care if they've only been 5 minutes apart for 20 minutes...lets just GO before I DIE". I won't get to labour in the comfort of my own home. I won't get to use the alternative therapies the hospital offers 'cuz I'll be essentially trapped at least in my room, if not to the bed. I'd have loved to take advantage of the tub our hospital offers in most L&D rooms, but with the fetal monitors, not possible. But I will be able to sit on the birthing ball and at least be upright as long as I don't stray from the monitors and mind the IV pole. Better than nothing...

That being said, I know its still possible to have an empowered birth even while being controlled by medication. If the pitocin starts to do its thing and I progress well, we can always turn it off and see if my body takes over, right? I talked to my mom this morning and she reminded me that its my birth, my body and I don't have to let them do anything I'm not comfortable with. And she's right! If they insist on breaking my water to speed things along, or even to start labour, I can say no. If they go out in the hall and talk abt how difficult I'm being, screw 'em. I'm not saying I'm an expert 'cuz I'm far from it, but I've done lots of research and know what I do and don't want and when.

And its easier to plan. We'll drop Cael at the sitter's as usual Friday morning knowing that he's prolly staying there Friday nite as well. Its great for Jon re. work. We know that today is his last day for a while...he's taking tmo off to get some little things done (as well as go with me to the hospital for my pre-induction consultation) and Friday is the big event. He'll take next week just to chill and get to know our new little guy. So that's good.

Now on a somewhat but not really related note, my aunt gave birth yesterday to a baby girl...their third! Amelia Nicole was born at 10:33 (if I remember correctly) and I'm pretty sure it will be the last grandchild. Not including great-grandchildren of course. But I think its pretty funny that my grandmother has a great-grandchild who is older than her grandchild!

Anyway, that's enuf form me for now. I promise that once this kid is out, my entries will be more interesting and less whiny. ;)


Anonymous rachel said...

Hi! I am a reader on Andrea's journal, and just saw that you had good news! So, I wanted to pop in with a hearty congratulations and welcome to your new family member!!

6/9/05 10:19  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Here via Andrea as well. CONGRATULATIONS to your family!

6/9/05 11:41  

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