August 31, 2005

Induction it is...

I give up. Nothing is gonna get this kid out aside from medical intervention. I've been cleaning and walking like crazy, taking lots of advice on things to do to get things started and nothing. Induction is looming and I think its best at this point to stop trying and just accept that my labour will be spent with an iv stuck in my hand and fetal monitors strapped to my belly. :(

I didn't want it to go this way. I wanted some control this time. I wanted to try and experience a normal labour and from what I've taken from other people's experiences, a pitocin induced birth isn't the most wonderful thing in the world. Going without an epidural is almost unheard of as contractions will be insane. So there goes that out the window. The other option of course is to have them break my water. But once that happens, I'm on the clock for a c-section. Which I really don't want. So pitocin is prolly the best bet.

I just wish I knew why my body isn't doing what its supposed to this time. I mean, its growing a baby which is fine and good, but has it forgotten what to do to get it out?? I mean, it was just a year and a half ago that I popped Cael out! I've checked and rechecked my dates and they're good. The ultrasound backed up those dates, give or take a few days, which is normal.

Fuck...sorry for being so negative. The birth will happen, baby will be healthy and that's the most important thing. I shouldn't be such an ass about it... And I should consider myself lucky that we have a health care system that allows intervention, right?


Anonymous Donna said...

sorry about the induction. that sucks. but i guess in the end you just want a healthy little baby who's ready to keep you up all night! ;-) i'm "staying tuned" for the next update. good luck and happy epidural!

31/8/05 08:43  
Anonymous Amy said...

Induction isn't as bad as all that... Two out of my three were induced, and no epidural. The labor was intense, but not much worse than natural labor, just faster. Two hours start to finish with Maddie... intense, but not worse than dragging it out for 18 hours of moderately strong contractions. Good luck!

31/8/05 18:20  

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