September 16, 2005

Sorry...still preoccupied with baby

I'm afraid there won't be many intellectual things spouting out of me in the near future. Too busy sitting here with my boob hanging out and a critter attached to it. Fun fun. He's still good btw. Not the excellent sleeper he was a week ago, but I expected that. At least he still has 2 decent naps a day and only techically wakes up once during the nite. Still trying to figure out how to get him to easily fall asleep after a feeding tho...

A few things I like and missed abt having a newborn:
  • the crazy big burps from such a wee body
  • poop face...most of you will kwim
  • the bliss they get while nursing
  • the unintentional and sometimes shocking (to them) movements
  • the gassy smiles
  • the soft unblemished skin (until the lovely infant acne sets in)
  • the intent stares
  • chin quivers

I know there are prolly more, but that's all I can think of right now.

That being said, I'll be glad when the infant stage is over. I don't want to make it seem like I'm ungrateful or whatever abt having a baby, but I really am not a fan of nite feedings and a wide awake baby at 4 am. And the crying for no apparent reason. I know I should be enjoying Iain as he is at every stage, especially since I won't be having another baby, but I can't help but look forward to when he's a little more independant. Now that I know what fun a toddler can be and what neat little people babies turn into, I feel impatient to get there already. Bad, I know.

A note on my recovery. Its been GREAT. I feel almost normal, only 2 weeks later. Went out to the store last nite and was able to move the car seat ahead while sitting in it, which I expected to hurt like a SOB but it was fine!


Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

Oooh, a post!

I'm glad to hear things are going well, and I hear you on waiting for the newborn period to be over.

16/9/05 14:17  
Anonymous Amy said...

I can relate too! I'm having a nasty case of baby lust lately, but I'm really enjoying what a cool little person Connor is turning into. Two year olds are way more fun than what a lot of people say they are!!! And sooo cute with the things they say... he told me "I yuv my Daddy. He's so tyoot (cute)." LOL!! Couldn't you just die!?!? Enjoy your sweet baby boys though, they grow up way too fast!!

19/9/05 20:36  
Anonymous Donna said...

Hey Tanya,
I've been reading all of your posts and keep checking almost daily for new info and pics. (Yes, things at work continue to be mind-numbingly boring for the most part!) I hear you about the newborn stuff - they're so cute but SO much WORK!! How's Cael adjusting to having to share his mommy? He'll probably be fine since he's so young and won't remember a time w/out Iain in a few months. Soon they'll be running thru your house, playing and fighting and driving you nuts! ;-) Enjoy your time at home with them cause as you know it is going to fly by. Call me at work sometime whenever you get a minute to yourself...maybe February? :-)(Email me for the number if you want.)

20/9/05 11:15  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Congrats on the great recovery process--I hope we'll see pictures soon?

21/9/05 10:57  

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