October 06, 2005

The Mother-in-law chronicles, Part 1

Two entries in one day. OMG...I'm on a roll!

Just some other stuff that's been going on. This might turn into a vent...who am I kidding? It definately will.

My parents were visiting recently as I mentioned before. That was fine...I don't see them often. Tho I really have to talk to my mom abt baby talk and my dad abt how hard it is to take 2 kids out to a relaxing dinner. But anyway...

Most of you know my "relationship" with my mother in law. She's a strange woman. Ultra religious, very prim and proper. So not like me. We just don't click...never have. Anyway, she lives in Kingston, 2 hrs away from here. Up until my parents came to visit, she still hadn't been to see the baby. She says she was "waiting for a sign" telling her the time was right to come. Whatever...I personally think she's still in denial that we had another boy. She desperately wanted a grand-daughter...she even went so far as to say that she thot the ultrasound was wrong. Riiiight.

So she calls one morning (early, I might add...) the day my parents were to arrive and announces that she will be coming to visit the following day. She'll show up at around 3 and will stay for dinner. Sure, whatever. My mom and I went out shopping that morning and Iain didn't sleep the whole time we were out...too damn nosy. So when we got home at 2ish, I fed him and he passed out. MIL shows up at around 3:30 and wanted to see him. I said that he was sleeping and that when he woke up, she could see him. Fine. 6:00 came and went and he still slept. I was glad...he needed it. She kept insisting that I wake him as she was leaving to go stay at Jon's sister's place in the city at around 8. I refused. She got all huffy saying it was ridiculous that she wasn't going to get to spend much time with her grandson. Well, IMO if she really wanted to see him, she should have come to visit before she did.

Then she asks when dinner will be served. I said that we usually just wait until 7 when Cael is in bed. She looks at her watch and says fine. So Jon puts Cael to bed shortly after 7...MIL says "Well, he's in bed now.", so I haul myself up and start getting dinner. Fuming all the while. If she was so bloody hungry she could have offered to help, but no. My mom comes in the kitchen to help and she says right off the bat how sorry she is that I have to deal with that. I'd noticed her and dad throwing looks across the room at each other...and they are usually very tolerant kind people. I've tried to explain to mom how MIL is and Mom would say she can't possibly be that bad. Now she knows. Jon went out and bbqed our sausages and MIL's veggie patty (she is a vegetarian 'cuz God tells her to be...) and Mom and I prepared the salad.

So, Iain wakes up at around 8. Yep, he slept for 6 hours after his ordeal. ;) We were almost done dinner, so I figured I'd just get him fed so he could visit with his grandmother and I'd finish eating later. So he eats, poops and is happy. MIL had been sitting at the table judging everyone while they eat dessert (she doesn't eat sugar...God's orders.) and wine (no alcohol either), and came over to see Iain. Took him and held him in the cradle hold (which he hates...he likes to be upright) as if he would break and looked around for a soother 'cuz he was whining a bit. I said he seemed fine to me and he didn't take one anyway. She says "Nonsense, every baby takes a plug if you just hold it in." For one, I fucking HATE when she calls it that. And no, not every baby takes one. And thats fine by me. Ten minutes later she announced that Rowan was expecting her and she was late. Ok, buh bye! We all flake out and recover...

Fast forward to this week. We decide that its too much to go to the cottage and spend Thanksgiving with Jon's extended family, as much as it would be wonderful to see them all and let them meet Iain. He really isn't a good passenger and Cael still isn't a big car fan either, even with the dvd player. Hopefully at Christmas thing swill be better and we'll head up. So we figure we'll invite MIL, SIL and her boyfriend for a small Thanksgiving dinner. It was kinda last minute, so it took some arranging on SIL's part but we're set. They'll arrive on Saturday at 5ish and MIL will no doubt expect dinner on the table when she arrives. AND we will have to prepare something besides turkey for her. Which is totally fine, but I so hate the judgement when we all eat turkey. I might have 3 servings, drenched with rivers of rich gravy, just for spite. And a whole pumpkin pie just for me! :D

So, there's the MIL Chronicles for this month. Stay tuned....


Blogger Running2Ks said...

YIKES! I am so sorry you had to deal with that. I am really happy you had witnesses. I hope the visits are short and far between.

6/10/05 18:29  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

Ugh. She puts my teeth on edge just reading about her.

Good luck this weekend!

7/10/05 09:43  

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