October 07, 2005

The Miracle of Bag Balm!

After reading Andrea's ordeal with her little girl's diaper rash I got to thinking about Bag Balm. Yes, the same udder cream that Shania Twain raved about. Its not a cream actually. More a thick goopy....balm. Can't think of any other way to describe it. If you've ever used the pure lanolin for chapped nipples, its the same consistency since its lanolin based. Just smells different 'cuz of the added stuff.

I've been using it on Cael since the spring for his eczema. We'd tried every single cream, lotion and body wash that the doctor suggested and he still had regular nasty breakouts. One day his babysitter called me at work to say that she was cleaning up the medicine cabinet and found a tin of the Bag balm that she used to use for her dry cracked hands in the winter. She asked if she could put a bit on one of Cael's spots to see if it made a difference. I said sure! My parents have been long time Bag Balm users so I had no qualms. Well, by the time we picked Cael up that afternoon, the spot she'd applied the balm to had reduced drastically in redness. So she sent the tin home with us and we slathered him up good every nite before bed. I swear, after two days, the rash was all gone. And my hands were silky smooth from applying it! :D

So since then we use it a lot. I'll rub some on my feet, slip some socks on so I don't get it everywhere. In an hour its all soaked in and my feet are soooo soft! Like I said above, its great for dry hands. Not sure I'd use it on my face like Shania supposedly does tho...

Oops...the baby is waking so I'll make my point. Apparently its great on diaper rashes! We don't often get bad rashes here, but I'll certainly give it a try if Iain develops one and let y'all know if it works. ;)


Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

I hope he doesn't get one, but if he does I'll be waiting eagerly to see how it works.

11/10/05 07:44  
Anonymous Donna said...

Where can you buy it? Regular drug store like Shoppers or only at health food/natural places? My kids both have dry skin in winter so I'm intrigued.

11/10/05 08:50  
Blogger Tanya said...

lee valley! and apparently home hardware. oh, and apple saddlery if you're ever on innes...

11/10/05 09:23  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

I really hope it works!

For other eczema I found Burt's bees buttermilk lotion to be very helpful. I have heard Bag Balm works very well.

11/10/05 11:15  
Anonymous Amy said...

You gotta love Lee Valley!! I'll have to try some of that for my dry, cracked tootsies this winter... for some reason, hubby doesn't think it's too sexy when I scrape his leg with my foot! LOL!!

12/10/05 20:39  

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