October 20, 2005

TMI Doctors office conversation

From my appt this morning...note that the dr is francophone and her wording isn't always bang on. ;)

Dr: Have you resumed intercourse since the birth? *she's busy writing in my file*

Me: Um, yes

Dr: And how was it?

uncomfortable silence

Me: Uh...

Dr: *quickly looks up* Oh, painful, I mean...was it painful for you?

Me: Oh, no...no it was fine.


Anonymous Amy said...


That's too funny!!!
As long as it was good! (tee-hee-hee!)

20/10/05 16:20  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...


20/10/05 20:33  
Anonymous karyn said...

holy crap that's hilarious!!! :D almost as embarassing as my dildo dr's appt! hehehehehehe

20/10/05 21:35  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Good lord, at least they didn't ask if it was GOOD for you. LOL!

20/10/05 22:10  

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