November 10, 2005

Random stuff

Sorry gang. I've been fighting off a cold here. Iain seems stuffy off and on, and even Mr. "Immune-System-Of-Steel" Cael has a drippy nose. It doesn't help that Iain's good daytime sleeps have come to an unfortunate end. I'm lucky to get one nap a day out of him and he just cries the rest of the day 'cuz he's tired. But won't sleep for more than 20 minutes. Good times! I just keep telling myself it won't last forever. Cael was like that (except much more difficult...I often didn't even get one nap from him 'til he was much older) and now he is such an amazing sweet kid. So I keep going towards the light! ;)

I guess a general kid update is in order. Since you've all been waiting and refreshing like crazy. *cough* Yah!

Cael is wonderful as usual. Even with his boogerface, he's so easygoing. Loves dinky cars, megabloks and books. He's so loving with us and Iain. Always gives him a smooch when he and Jon get home in the damn adorable. I always think how lucky we are that he adjusted so well. :) He does like to say no. But its never a mad or stubborn no. He'll think very carefully before answering. Often he'll say yes too, depending. We had a funny conversation this morning. I asked him if he wanted juice and toast for breakfast and of course he said yes. I poured his juice and put it on his high chair tray.

Me: "Ok sweets, time to sit in your chair for breakfast."
C: "no"
Me: "yes"
C: "No!"
Me: "Yes!"
C: *giggling* "Nooo!!"
Me: *smooching his neck* "Yeeeees!!"

And on it went while I put him in his seat. Then he grabbed his juice and sucked it back. So he didn't even mean! Silly little man.

Iain is still good. Like I said, he's not as good a daytime sleeper on his own as he was. But the past two days I've been laying down with him for a short morning snooze so he doesn't get overtired. Then he'll sleep for 2-3 hrs on his own in the afternoon. Its working very well...and I get a sleep too, which is a bonus. I have to say its wonderful when he wakes up and lays there grinning at me. The cats like it as well...I always wake up to both of them laying nearby, which I love. He's becoming a neat little guy. VERY chatty. His favorite game right now is "Oooo at mommy". Honestly, he'll "ooooo" and I'll "oooo" and we'll go back and forth for a good long time. He'll stop and do a silent giggle every so often. Dunno how else to describe it...he'll get a great big wide open grin and it looks like he's laughing but no sound comes out. Tho the past couple of days he's been making almost laughing noises. No sweeter sound than a baby laugh...can't wait for them! :)

What else... Oh, I guess Iain's two month drs appointment is worth mentioning. All was fine...he's almost the exact same as Cael was at two mos. 12lb 2 oz and 24.5" (Cael was 12lb 3oz and 24"). The dr was pleased with his head control and alertness. Then she listened to his heart. It appears he has a heart murmur. :( She assured me that its prolly nothing, but they like to check infants out anyway, so we have an appt with a pediatric cardiologist next Friday. I've been obsessing and listening to his heart on a regular basis (yes, we are huge geeks and have a!) and I don't hear any extra sounds between the "lub" and "dub", but I prolly don't know what to listen for. Anyway, I'm not overly concerned. Like his dr said he's growing well and isn't showing any other signs of being poorly. And murmurs are very will likely disappear within a couple of years.

I have a drs appt tmo. Having an IUD "installed". I'm super nervous...dunno why. I know its not a permanent thing, but I guess I'm wary of the possibility of weird bleeding that often happens with them. And I'm worried that the cost won't be covered. $350 is a good chunk of change. Must remember to make the claim soon...

Dealing with diaper stink...I'm sure you all wanna know that. ;) I've stripped them by washing with hot water 'til the water is suds free. Cael's still smell a bit. Any tips from past or present cloth diaper users are welcomed!

I have another thing, but I'll put it in a separate post since it will be waaaay too long.


Anonymous Donna said...

Hi Tanya
Glad to hear the kids are doing well, except for the colds. Our house has been germ central for 2 weeks now and I'm getting sick of being sick/taking care of sick kids/getting up at night, etc. Of course, I do feel bad that they're not feeling well (Marco is teething along with his cough/cold so he's just been a joy) but I really would appreciate some sleep. Especially since I have to drag myself into work and at least appear to be productive. Oh well, tis the season. About the IUD, don't count on any reimbursement. They refused to pay 1 cent of the cost for me last year, even though I sent in a dr's note that I can't take the pill, etc. Don't get me started on the stupidity of that policy! They won't pay a one time $350 claim that will last for 5 years but they will pay $15-20 PER MONTH for the pill ($15 X 60 months = $900!!!) I don't know who makes the rules at Sun Life but they haven't done their homework in that area. Anyway, good luck. (Let me know if they cover you.)

14/11/05 07:56  
Blogger Tanya said...

well sheeit. :( my dr assured me that most of her patients say they were covered 'cuz the mirena has the same hormone in it as the pill. the copper isn't covered tho. but its much cheaper... i guess we'll see.

sorry abt the sickies...ugh. cael's cold seemed to stop at a few greeners and drippyness. a week later and he's better! iain too... gawd i'm lucky.

14/11/05 11:31  
Anonymous Donna said...

I have Mirena too. Aside from the disappointment of it not being covered by insurance, I'm lovin' it. No pills to take, not much in the way of any side effects, other than light, almost non-existant periods. (They call that a side effect. I call it a bonus.) Anyway, I'm curious to see if they pay for it. (Maybe I'll re-submit my claim then...)

14/11/05 13:45  

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