November 22, 2005

Is there an echo in here?

Its amazing how I go in spurts isn't it? I have a good posting day or two, then nothing for a while. I think I jinx myself every time I post 'cuz I usually write something when Iain has had a good day or two and I'm rested. Then it goes down the crapper for a few days. lol! That being said, he's had a good couple of nites...sleeping 9 hrs at a stretch! Not too shabby. Tho the girls aren't too happy. Its amazing I don't have insane stretch marks on my boobs.

Now to sit back and wait for the bad nite. ;)

We had the appointment with the heart specialist last week. As we figured, all is fine. He has a benign took the dr a few tries to even find it. So there ya go.

My recent excitement is trying to find an outfit for Jon's work Christmas party. I've worn my little black dress two out of the past three years. For the third I was pregnant and the dress wouldn't
fit. But I prolly would have worn it if I'd been skinny. So, the quest for a kewt dress. Didn't take long actually...I just picked up this little number on Ebay:

Image hosted by

Cute, non?? I just hope it fits. The seller didn't give any measurements and "small" can mean anything. But the shape will be easy enough to alter if I need to take it in. And if its too small, well, I only paid $6 US for it. I'll just resell it at some point. So now I'm looking for a shawl or something. I'm thinking black pashmina. And I'll need proper shoes. I wore simple pumps with my little black dress, but I don't think they'll work with this one. I need something strappy. :D

How sad...the most exciting thing in my life is a new dress that I'll wear once, maybe twice. *sigh*

Oh, I did chop off my hair again. Was trying to grow it out but I just don't have the energy to mess with it. So its gone. Back to my usual short messy do.


Blogger Running2Ks said...

That dress is wonderful. No jinxes :)

24/11/05 10:54  

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