December 12, 2005

Christmas parties and kidlets

I'm slowly making my way back to the land of the living. I was almost completely better by last Friday, but then the weekend happened. After two parties and not much sleep, I'm feeling groggy and stuffy again. Hopefully it won't grab on like last week.

So, our parties. Jon's work party was the usual fancy shindig. Everyone dresses up (tho dressing up is different for some people than for others...some Mint folk show up wearing their very best sweatshirts), eats well and usually drinks too much. Tho they do hand out taxi chits at the door, so most people take a cab to the venue and the Mint pays for their taxi home.

(Dammit...some delivery person just rang the damn bell. I really should make a baby sleeping sign...)

So we got dolled up, left the kids with a sitter and had a good time. Here we are...

I had to bring my breast pump 'cuz I figured I'd be way too sore by the end of the nite if I left the girls to fill up. I wasn't too bad, but I pumped anyway after dinner just for the sake of supply. I locked myself in a bathroom stall and off I went. I lost the suction a couple of times, which resulted in lovely boob farts, but that's ok.

Saturday's party was fun too. A house party this time. It was much more relaxed and fun... We all hung out, ate chili and drank insanely yummy Oprah martinis. Can't remember what all was them exactly, but lime juice and pomogranate juice are in there. In any case, they were delish! Sadly, I was knackered and dozed in the chair at one point after feeding Iain. Sad... Cael woke up crying at 11:30ish, so we decided to just take off. An earlier nite than we were anticipating, but it was still a good time.

We're gearing up for Christmas. The outdoor lites have been up since early November (to beat the cold) and lit since December 1st. We have a tree, but its still sitting outside. Hopefully Jon will drag it in tonite so we can let it relax for the nite and I can start decorating tmo. I do have my other indoor decorations up tho. A long garland decorated with white lites, rust balls that match the wall paint, gold ribbon and tin tinsel from Lee Valley on the beam. Oh, you can see it in the pic I posted above!

The kids are wonderful as usual. Cael isn't much into Christmas again this year...we suspect that next year will be the big one. But we've still spoiled him. I kept saying I wouldn't buy too much since he already has a lot of toys, but I'm weak. We have an Aquadoodle, a gigantic bag of Megabloks, a ride-on toy (that converts to a scooter for later) some playdoh, a gazillion dinky cars, wooden puzzles, books galore, the newest Baby Einstein DVD...and a few other little things. Luckily his birthday is in January, so I'll save something for that. Again, not that he has any clue, but that's ok. And I just realized that I wanted to find some of those double blade cheese-cutter skates for this winter. I'll have to check Crappy Tire...

Iain is good too. We had a wonderful stage of him sleeping 10 - 11 hours at nite, but it ended. Dunno if its a growth spurt or what, but for the past week he's been either waking up halfway thru the nite to eat ravenously or waking at 5 for good. Plus eating every 1.5 hrs at the most during the day. Seems like a long growth spurt if it is one. He's still a very happy baby tho. Always smiling and making those happy baby sounds. He's been trying to blow bubbles and will sometimes succeed, tho usually he just sticks his wee tongue out and makes throat noises. He is also starting to "swim" when on his tummy. Pushes with his toes and knees while smacking with his hands. Ack! Will I have another 6 month old crawler/stander?

Had his weight checked today at the bfing clinic. 13lb 5oz and almost 26". Another long skinny boy.

He's waking, so that's it for now.'d think there was nothing else exciting besides the kids. In a small (very very small...) way I can't wait to get back to work so I can think clearly again. About things other than when the last feeding/nap was and whether to wash diapers now or wait 'til tonite.


Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

Wow, you looked great! Nice dress.

Glad to hear you're feeling better and the boys are treating you well.

14/12/05 07:46  

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