January 11, 2006

De-lurking week!

I noticed this mentioned on Monday and now its posted everywhere I go! :D

This is National De-lurking week, as proclaimed by Sheryl! So lurkers, post a comment or two! Please tell me I have some readers...

I am also going to de-lurk. I read many more blogs than are listed on the right...I really have to update that. And this is a perfect opportunity for me to come out of the lurking closet and post comments! Wheeee!!


Anonymous Beanie Baby said...


11/1/06 10:45  
Blogger ccw said...


I just read the below post about your kitty. Wow! I am impressed that you were able to get a urine sample from a cat. He is beautiful!

11/1/06 11:46  
Blogger Jenn said...


I agree with the above post, very handsome kitty. Good luck with the diabetes.

11/1/06 13:51  
Anonymous Tania said...

This is my first visit, but won't be my last!

Beautiful kitty, btw. :)

11/1/06 15:13  
Anonymous Amy said...

hey, you always know when I'm around... but I really need to comment on the ones that I visit. I never do...and there's quite a few...

12/1/06 21:31  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Hey and howdy to YOU!

13/1/06 10:37  
Blogger MJ said...

De-lurking is de-lovely. I'm a regular Bumblerazz reader.

13/1/06 13:02  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

I'm following your de-lurk and am glad I dropped by... I'll be back!

13/1/06 14:21  
Blogger Tanya said...

Yaaaay! So happy that I actually have a few readers...a few I knew about, but there are new faces! Hi to all of you!

I guess this means I have to try a little harder to post regularly huh? ;)

13/1/06 18:12  

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