January 04, 2006

A beautiful snowy day...

I tried to take a picture, but the snow is so thick all I get is white blurring. So this will have to do. ;)

The snow started here maybe an hour ago. In the beginning it was very fine...almost freezing rain, I think, but it soon turned into big beautiful flakes, blowing around and sticking to the pines and cedars. I'm looking out the window into the backyard, where the birdfeeders are. There are sparrows, juncos and chickadees on every perch of the three feeders I have hanging, even the thistle feeder that sometimes attracts finches, and there is also a chickadee hanging from the suet cage. The ground is covered with birds, scavenging the dropped seeds their messy friends have left. In the bare lilac bushes, there are five cardinals waiting for the smaller birds to clear off so they can eat: three bright red males and two more dusty coloured females. Perfect...


Anonymous Amy said...

Sounds beautiful.... so serene. Enjoy your winter wonderland!

5/1/06 07:27  

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