January 25, 2006

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Conservative minority. I guess it was the best we could have hoped for. Unless any of you actually support Harper. Ya know, I don't think I've ever met anyone who likes the guy. Seriously. But I guess there must be some fans out there... Our riding didn't change. The Bloc guy came close, but the Liberal hung on. Joy. I didn't vote for either of them, so I'm not really happy. Well, I guess its good that the Bloc didn't win it. I am pretty happy that the Bloc didn't gain as much as it was predicted...in fact they lost seats! Yeah, the Conservatives took the Quebec seats from the Liberals instead. But it still will be better for Quebec than a huge number of Bloc MPs. Not that I'm really caught up in Quebec politics. I just don't want to be forced to move across the river to stay in Canada if they separate. Our house value will plummet and we'd have to pay three times as much in Ottawa for a similar house. Anyway, that was all over the place...sue me. ;)


Kid stuff:

Cael is still adorable. I can't wait 'til he's talking more. The stuff he comes up with already
is so damn funny. His likes to hold toys etc. upsidedown and tell us all about it. Then he added his own little Cael-ism. "Mommy! Van-sidedown!/Bunny-sidedown!/Car-sidedown!" Kills me... Gail (sitter) has taken in a little girl starting this week...she's 10 months old. My boy will stand there looking at her, then point and laugh at her. Nice. That's ma boy...laughing at the cootie ridden girls. We didn't teach him that, honestly.

It was his birthday last week (as you know from the sappy post below) and Gail made him a nice
cake for them all to have at lunch. My kid cried when they gave it to him. He cried when they put on the special home-made birthday hat. The only way they could get him to leave the hat on long enuf to take a picture was by telling him he could go outside on the deck if he put it on. Good thing it was a warm day. ;) Except then when he woke up from his nap, he grabbed the hat and ran for the door, wanting back out. *snicker*

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday. I made a yummy ginger cake (like gingerbread, except cake. Yum yum.) with whipped cream. This was the reaction:

But he did like the whipped cream beater:

And loves his "bike" as he calls it.

Iain is doing great as well. Appetite is still...healthy. lol! He's not big by any means tho. Might have another skinny boy, which is fine. He's learning more every day. He rolls front to back without blinking and is soooo close to rolling the other way. He's starting to move around on his tummy. I often find him up at the head of the crib after a nap, playing with the teddy bears that are there. And he tries to follow me into the kitchen from the living room, but the most he can do is turn himself around to face that way. He gets so mad and it cracks me up! Mean eh? ;) He has his favourite toys...he's actually pushed the ones he doesn't like out of the way if I offer them. He's also at the stage where he always has to be doing something. As soon as I lay him on the changetable, he's looking around for something to grab and shove in his mouth. Or push onto the floor... He also like to kick me in the boobs while I'm changing him. (We have the Ikea changetable/dresser
with the huge changing surface that converts into a regular dresser later...the kids lie with their feet aiming towards us.) Not nice first thing in the morning when I'm so full I walk hunched over. He likes to fiddle as well, especially while eating. I broke down and bought a funky nursing necklace that seems to do the trick. The kid was actually leaving marks on my neck from pinching and scratching.

His voice is coming along nicely. Screeching is a favourite passtime. Pretty shocking some days! He
LOVES Newton...oh man. He could be upset and crying and as soon as Newton walks into the room he stops immediately and starts giggling and reaching for him. :)

Now that being said, this kid is rarely cranky. I think I'm just so much better at reading cues this time around. He's only awake for two hours between each sleep. I put him down before he gets a chance to get tired and cranky and he PASSES OUT on his own and sleeps for at least two hours. I'm still amazed. It does make for some rushing in between naps tho, especially if I want to actually get out of the house. He spends almost half of the two hours eating, so that leaves me an hour. With no car, I don't get far. I know it won't last...I'm sure soon he'll regulate himself to a two nap a day thing. I'm just glad he sleeps.


Cat stuff:

Newton is adjusting well to being diabetic. Scratch that...I'M adjusting well to him being diabetic. ;) He gets his wet food morning and nite, then one unit of insulin. He's starting to give me a bit of a look when I come towards him with the needle, but he lays down and lets me stick him. I have noticed that he's increased his drinking again the past couple of days. I have to make a vet appointment for next week so they can do a blood test, so depending what his weight has done I may have to increase the dosage. Just weird that he was doing well and now has gone down a bit. I was hoping to be able to extend his life and keep his quality of life high, but its definitely going to be hard. My poor baby kitty. :(

Pinxit is good. She's always good. Her usual cranky fidgety self. ;)


House stuff:

We are ordering our new windows this week! We got the quote last year and just couldn't swing paying for it last fall since we bought the new fence materials. So the window guys gave us a tip...order in the winter 'cuz its cheaper, and they'll hold on to the materials in their warehouse 'til spring, when they'll install them. Sweet! We're replacing the four basement windows, the bathroom window, and the huuuuge picture window in the living/dining room. And adding a patio door to where one of the big windows is. I'm sick of having to go out into the carport to go to the backyard, especially if I'm in my bathing suit and just want to go get a drink of water... Anyway, I'm all excited about that! Imagine...we'll be able to see out the windows without having to peek around the fogged up parts where the seal has broken!

Iain is awake, right on cue. ;)


Blogger Running2Ks said...

Your kids are divine, the diabetic cat is ok, and your house is coming along.

You have been BUSY, girl!

25/1/06 17:10  

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