February 10, 2006

Cael's first haircut

Another lame photo post coming up...I'm feeling so incredibly blah lately. Dunno if I'm cut out for this blogging every day thing...at least until I go back to work. lol!

Cael was born pretty much bald. Over the past two years, all he's really had on his head was some fuzz. Lately, the fuzz has become...fuzzier. He had a mop of frizzy curls that was starting to drive us nuts. I had cut off his "rat tail" just before he turned one 'cuz it bothered Jon. So that's in his My First Curl box. But this week I decided I had to try my best to trim him up in the bath while he was
distracted. And it went ok. All I have to say is its a good thing he doesn't have dead straight hair 'cuz it would look horrible. ;)

Before (I wish I knew I was gonna cut it...I'd have taken a decent before photo. You can really see the fuzz in the second pic tho.):

And after:

The "pile" of hair:

Considering how fuzzy and big his hair looked, it sure doesn't look like much!

I have to admit he looks pretty damn cute. And very grown up. *snif*


Blogger ccw said...

How cute! I think it looks wonderful both ways.

Baby H has still not had scissors near her hair. She is growing a glorified mullet. Oh, how I wish the sides of her head would grow some hair.

13/2/06 09:08  
Anonymous Donna said...

What is it about the first haircut? Tony took M to the barber shop for his 2nd cut cause he pretty much butchered the job the first time. (Luckily curly hair is very forgiving.) Anyway, he took pictures but when he came home he looked like a little boy, not my chubby faced little toddler. :-( Funny, I didn't really feel like that with A, although she didn't get a cut til she was 5 and her hair was almost at her waist. Maybe b/c I was so sick of fighting with her to brush it every morning that I didn't have time to feel nostalgic.

13/2/06 14:02  
Anonymous Amy said...

Awww! So so cute! And congrats on holding up so well too! I cried before we even left the house for Connor's first haircut... your boy looks VERY cute, and grown up too. Good job!

13/2/06 22:06  

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