February 15, 2006

Jewellery, candy and flowers for Valentines day??

Not in our house. Well, I got flowers and candy from "the kids". And a team Canada Olympic hat. But from Jon, my romantic husband, I got a new camera!! Sweeeet...a new toy! Better than any old diamond earrings!

Some background...our camera decided to die this week. I'd noticed that it sounded different when it took a photo, but I thot it was just from the memory card being too full and there was a strain on the memory. If that's even possible...I have no clue. Anyway, even after I cleaned off the card, it was taking pix like this:

And this...trippy:

Not good. I told Jon that I'd started looking right away (starting at the Costco site, of course. Since we have one of those gold memberships so we get $$ back at the end of the year) and found one that was decent for the price. We don't need anything fancy, tho I drool over Nikon cams. I loved our old Canon A20. It never did me wrong. I liked the lens, and I loved that it had a decent optical zoom, not just a digital zoom like the majority of digicams. The only thing I wished I had was the option to play with the settings...the aperture, shutter speed and all that. Just 'cuz I like to play. So I showed him the Canon A510. Basic point and shoot camera. 3.2 megapixel, which isn't much compared to most cameras now. But for what we use it for (mostly web posting and printing some 4x6 prints), I don't need more than that. 4x optical zoom, 13x total zoom when combined with digital. And lots of features to play with. Not that I'll really play that much, but I wouldn't mind learning more abt the settings.

It has lots of built-in modes too, even one labeled "Kids and Pets". Its supposed to capture fast moving objects with no blurring, so I'm looking forward to trying THAT out. It has a video option as well. Not something I'd purposely look for in a camera, but it seems that they all come with video now. I guess it will be handy for those short videos when we're out and about. Good thing he also bought me a 1 GB memory card. ;)

Yep, laptop for my birthday/Christmas, camera for Valentines day. We looove our toys.


Blogger suze said...

oooohhhh...enjoy the new technology!!!

but funky effects with your old camera...i'd keep it just for the fun!

16/2/06 14:55  

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