March 14, 2006

Sick kids and a trip home

As the title suggests, the kids have both been sick. So needless to say I haven't been very inspired in the blogging department. We have no idea what was wrong with them. Cael was home with me all last week with a mysterious recurring fever. He'd be fine for a day, so I'd plan to send him to the sitter's the following morning. He'd have a crappy sleep and wake up with a raging fever again. I finally managed to get him in to a doctor who told me he had a cold and it had to run its course. And I felt like an idiot. I guess we've been lucky that this was the first bad sickness Cael has had. He's had little colds and teething issues, but never a fever for that long. So I was a bit worried. Anyway, as of Saturday he was fine. Just in time for Iain to start running a fever. Which only lasted two days...he bounced back pretty quick. Partly 'cuz its much easier to get him to eat...Cael would NOT eat. I had the sitter weigh him on her digital scale yesterday and he's down to 22 lbs. Super...

Also, I've booked my plane tickets to fly back home to Nova Scotia next week.
It will be nice to see people I guess, but I'm dreading being dragged to boring social events with my dad the Politician. He did that to me when I was home with Cael the first time and the poor kid was beside himself with exhaustion 'cuz he never got any naps. This time will no doubt be the same as the provincial legislative assembly doesn't start sitting until April sometime. Except this trip, I get to drag TWO cranky kids to these events. YAAAAAY! So I'm not looking forward to that...

AND, I'll have to sleep in the same room with both kids. I'm terrified that they will keep each other awake the the whole trip will be spent with two tired kidlets who aren't getting any sleep. Not to mention a paranoid tired mommy who already wakes up if a cat farts in the living room...

To top it off, I feel like I'm getting sick. I've had a headache and have been achy in general for the past couple of days. It won't be a fun flight if I'm ears won't pop after the flight.

I know, boo hoo. Sorry... ;) I will definitely post some sort of update this week in between cleaning and getting ready to go.

If you all will excuse me, I have a bowl of butterscotch pudding chilling in the fridge. Ah, lunch!


Blogger ccw said...

I hope the boys are better soon and that you do not get sick!

Have a fun and safe trip.

15/3/06 09:11  
Blogger Kim said...

Just a few virtual *hugs*. Hang in there.

I've traveled with my two munchkins a number of times and its always easier than I expected. Good Luck!

15/3/06 09:25  

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