April 21, 2006

What's a snail say?

Cael has several wooden puzzles that he loves to play with. This is a conversation from this morning after he finished breakfast, as he played with his animal puzzle while waiting for Jon to take him to the sitter's.

Cael: Its a dog!
Me: Right! What's a dog say?
C: Woof woof! (very properly btw...not like a dog at all)
Me: That's right! A dog says woof!
C: Its a cat!
Me: Indeed it is...what's a cat say?
Mew mew!
Me: You're absolutely right...that's what a cat says!
C: Its a rabbit!
Me: It sure is!
C: [looks at me] What's a rabbit say?
Me: Uh...a rabbit is pretty quiet. I guess they squeak a little.
C: Squeak squeak...mousie!
Me: Yes, mice also squeak.
C: Its a snail!
Me: [oh crap] It IS a snail!
C: [gives me an impatient look] What's a snail say mommy?
Me: Uh... I don't know. Snails are also quiet. They just...slime along. They're slimy.
C: Slimy...yucky.
Me: Yes, I suppose they can be yucky....


Blogger ccw said...

LOL! What does a snail say? That is so cute!

25/4/06 09:28  
Anonymous Amy said...

I suppose you could tell him that it also "mews", like Gary does in Spongebob. (Connor is convinced that this is what a snail says! LOL!) Cael is such a sweetie!!

26/4/06 16:42  

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