April 21, 2006

Christmas in April??

Apparently the folks across the park from us celebrate it year round. I kid you not...they still have their lights up and on. They are ALWAYS on. I get up every morning and look across the park to see this:

It might not be so bad if the lights were actually nice, but they're terrible! One sad string of shitty lights...and its not like they have a bigger display during the holidays. Just that one string. Half of them are burnt out and the rest flash randomly. Not even the whole string...only certain bulbs will flash, like they're short curcuited. Reminds me of that Simpsons episode when Homer puts up the craptastic Christmas lights. That's what these people have...craptastic lights.


On another note, I took the cat in to the vet last nite. I always wrap him in a towel to try and keep him from kicking as I carry him in. Putting him in a cage is impossible. He howls and moans as if we're killing him. Not to mention he throws himself against the door to try and get it open and usually ends up skinning his nose or something. Anyway, I put him in the car with the towel...I didn't try and place it any certain way, but it kinda ended up under him. Good thing, 'cuz he decided to pee on the way there. *sigh* Luckily the towel took it all 'cuz Jon would have freaked if Hans (the car's name...his middle name is Gunther. Yes, its a VW...) had gotten soaked with cat pee. But I had to carry Newts into the vet's office in a towel soaked with pee. I reeked.

So I was armed with way too much info. I had taken pictures of him walking (in hindsight, I should have taken video...I keep forgetting I have that option now) to show how he's walking, as well as research on Methylcobalamin and how it can help regenerate nerves in diabetic cats who have had some damage. The vet just gave me a look and said that she guessed it couldn't hurt. Are they not used to people going in after having done their research? In my experience with this vet office, I don't think they like people who educate themselves, 'cuz it means they can't pull the wool over our eyes as easily. I had opinions on how often to vaccinate and where to give the shots. After having a cat who died of Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma, I'm wary of cat vaccines. I knew Newts had diabetes before I even took him in. I also knew when he was constipated and what caused it. I knew when he had a urinary track infection, etc. etc. (The only thing I have yet to find any info on is whether cats can get warts. 'Cuz Pinxit has what look like warts or moles all over her. She's had them for years...they don't get any bigger and they don't bother her. They don't seep or bleed. If anyone can find any info on that, I'd love ya forever. And um, she hasn't been to the vet in over 2 years because she's TERRIBLE. Bites the vet and us, won't let them do an exam, howls and growls like a wildcat...awful. I'm so embarassed by her...lol! I know I have to get her in...might try some Rescue Remedy to see if it calms her at all. I'd really like to have the warts looked at.)

ANYway, they took blood (and raved abt how good he was when they shaved him and did the draw) and said the results would be back by the w/e. She also said she doubts he even has neuropathy 'cuz he'd be walking like a rabbit. But I'm pretty sure he still has some signs of it as he won't do the stairs to go potty, has problems jumping the gate to eat and definitely has weakness in his legs just when he walks. What else would cause that?? I said I was going to give him the vitamins anyway and she just shrugged and said whatever. Good then! She figures we'll have to up his insulin dosage and was very surprised he was only on 1.5 units twice a day. She figures he should be on double that, so we'll have to do a gradual increase of half a unit each shot (damn, I typo'd "shit" three times...), increasing again every couple of days 'til we're at three. Oh, and his weight is stable! No loss, which is good, and no gain, which is also good 'cuz he's a hefto. So $80 later, I came home with a pee soaked towel, a pissed off cat with a shaved neck (he looks hilarious) and another vial of insulin.

And he seems to be feeling pretty good today bacause he won't leave Pinxit alone...chasing her and playing with his nip toys like a kitten. So funny to see such a gigantic cat jackrabbiting a nip-stick. His tummy bulges and jiggles with every kick. Hahaha! But his baby-face keeps him from looking too ridiculous...


Blogger ccw said...

The neighbors are obviosly blind or just idiots. I think I actually prefer the light up deer that looked like they were having sex that my neighbors had up for the holidays.

Glad your kitty seems to be ok. I don't know if it's vets don't like you educated as much as they don't always know what you are talking about. We had a cat with neuro damage from toxo and every vet we took him to had never dealt with a cat in that situation and had no clue what I was talking about when I started yammering about meds, ideas, etc. I never held it against the vets, I just had a cat with a very rare condition.

21/4/06 11:56  
Blogger Tanya said...

yeah, prolly just idiots. hate to be stereotypical, but it seems to be a very french thing...soooo many people around here have their lights on at least for the whole winter, if not year-round. and its much worse at the cottage, where there are even more francophones.

and i so agree on the vet thing. i mean, how is it possible that they haven't even HEARD of nutro food??? honestly... i know they like to push their food (which i refuse to feed because of the amount of corn in it...bungs newts up real good), but come on!

21/4/06 12:22  

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