April 28, 2006

Pooor Newton....

Here he is with his shaved neck. Feels like peach fuzz! ;)

So yah...the test results came back and everything apparently looks great. His levels are "good"...not excellent, but considering he hasn't needed any increases, he's good. The vet suggested a small increase in his insulin dosage anyway, so I've done that. I'm giving him the vitamins and haven't noticed a HUGE difference yet. He still won't do stairs. But he really has no reason to since there's a poo box up here and so is the food. lol! So I might increase the vits...he just pees out the excess, so it can't hurt. (which reminds me...haven't given them to him yet today...crap.) But he's not any worse and doesn't seem uncomfortable at all. He still jumps up on furniture and can run away from Cael if he has to...

Anyway, he's been on my mind a lot lately, so sorry for all of the cat posts. ;)


Blogger ccw said...

Poor baby! They do look funny whenever any part is shaved. So glad that he is doing ok and that his test results were good.

28/4/06 20:50  

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