May 19, 2006

Kid stuff

Its been a while since a real kid update, so here goes. If I can remember...I swear my brain won't retain anything lately.


As seen in the video below, he's
crawling. Since that video was taken, he's doubled his speed. Crazy stuff. And within a few days of him crawling, he started pulling himself to standing. He even let go and took a step before falling down...he really wanted that ball, I guess! And with the mobility, he's been following Cael EVERYWHERE. Poor kid...he can't even go to his room to escape anymore. ;) We think its
adorable...he sure loves his big brother. Jon and I try to tell Cael that Iain is just a baby and needs to learn from him...not sure if he gets it. He is extremely patient tho...if Iain grabs at a toy, Cael will usually let him have it instead of freaking out. We praise him to the hilt of course, saying that Iain doesn't know any better yet and how nice it is that he's sharing. (Crap, this section turned into a partial Cael update...back to the baby...)

He is still such a happy little guy, despite the teething. He rarely gives me a hard time while awake...likes to play and explore on his own. Naps have been a bit of a problem lately. As I type, he's in there flipping the starfish (anyone with the Fisher Price aquarium thingie will know what I mean) and talking to himself. Its been an hour since I put him down. Tho he did sleep 2.5 hrs this morning...can't complain too much I guess.

His recent cradle cap is just starting to clear up. I thot we were in the clear until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed an...unpleasant odour. I pushed aside his hair (he has a lot of it compared to Cael the cue ball at this age) and there were loads of yellow scales. EW. I couldn't believe I didn't notice... Anyway, after the past two weeks of treating with tea tree oil, it seems to be going away. Still some scales, but nowhere near as stinky and I tend to absently scrape it off when he's sitting in my lap. Bad, I know, but that's the only way to get rid of it!

Speaking of hair, I had to give the kid a haircut at abt the eight month mark. It was getting mullet-ish in the back and I was smoothing it behind his ears all the damn time. After Cael, who got his first haircut just before he turned two, it seemed so odd to be cutting Iain's so early. So I already have hair for his first "curl" box. Its still pretty straight so far, tho it does curl after a bath. Time will tell...Cael's fuzz was dead straight 'til after he turned one.

Iain is such an excellent eater! He eats anything I offer...tho he is starting to show dislike for certain things. Noodles in pureed carrots or whatever veggie I happen to have on hand to use as sauce is losing its appeal. I did give a little bit of regular tomato sauce this week and he seemed fine with it (not to mention he liked it...), so maybe its time to give up on the veggie puree. He is a neat eater too...picks up a chunk of whatever and chews it carefully before swallowing and picking up another piece. Both kids are like that...I think we're very lucky that we don't have crammers.


He's doing big changes. He is speaking more and more in sentences. Today he told Gail "I would like some cheese and crackers please Gail" at lunch. He cracks us up daily with his little quips and dramatics.

Gail also tried to put him on the toilet, with his pants and diaper on, just to see what he did. He whined and wanted a hug. So we're not gonna push it. He is certainly INTERESTED in what we do in the bathroom (especially since he learned to open doors and barge in...), but maybe isn't quite ready to try it himself. We'll keep trying over the summer.

I guess there isn't anything new and earth-shattering going on with him. He's just such a loving and sensitive little boy who surprises me and makes me smile at every turn. We are so lucky to have such a great kid.

As for us, I am personally very sad that football is gone AGAIN from Ottawa. Its apparently temporary, until the Renegades get an interested owner. *sigh* I really thot they were doing well building the team, after only three years of being back in the city. Now (if they actually get a buyer), they will have to build from scratch again, as there will be a dispersal draft. So I'm hoping they will be back next year. To think we almost bought season tickets when they had their promotion last fall...

No news yet on the rink closures. I got a call from our city councillor and he urged me to write the mayor. So I'm working on getting that done. I want it to be GOOD. Not just another frantic email from a mom who wants to keep the local outdoor rink open so she doesn't have to drive her kids somewhere to skate. I want it to be stronger than that. And I'm barely thinking clearly enough to blog on a regular basis, so it should be interesting.

Newton is great. I increased his insulin a bit again and noticed a decrease in urine production almost immediately. He's even started going downstairs to nap and use the litter down there, so I am thrilled to bits.

OK, the child is still not asleep, so I'd best rescue him from the jail that is his crib... ;)


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