June 05, 2006

The wilds of the city...

We've been "entertaining" some pool guests as of late. And they don't care that the pool isn't open yet, or that the cover is full of rotting leaves. In fact, they seem to love it!

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I was sitting here relaxing while Iain slept when I heard a splash. I swore, thinking that the skunk we've been smelling at nite managed to fall in and that I'd have to fish the damn thing out. Imagine my delight when I saw the pair of them swimming around checking things out. I did the whole waving my hands around trying to figure out what to do ("how's my hair look??"), so I just grabbed the camera and started snapping. I was trying so hard to be quiet lest they get scared and fly away. I decided to step out to see if I could get some better shots and didn't they swim to the edge and look at me. So yah...they've done this before...

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I fed them bread and talked to them...they didn't seem bothered at all. And of course the whole time I'm thinking about how much Cael would LOVE this. Luckily they came back on the weekend and he was able to see them and throw some crumbs in to them. And narrate... "The duck is going to eat it...she's going to eat iiiiit... SHE ATE THE BREAD MOMMY!!!! The duck is eating bread!!" I tried to shush him so he wouldn't scare them...he was quiet for a minute or two but would get all excited and giggly again...very cute.

I took this JUST as he spotted them...we braved the (very lovely and warm) rain on Saturday just to feed the ducks.

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First you get some bread...

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Then you throw it in the water and instruct the duck where to go...

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Iain was also enthused...

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The cats weren't sure...  Newton didn't seem to care one way or the other, but Pinxit spent most of the time the ducks were there at the window huffing and puffing.

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Another one just 'cuz...they actually would get up on the side and rest for a couple of hours.

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And who can resist a hiney shot??

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Blogger ccw said...

Such cute pictures!

I love Iain smooshed against the glass.

6/6/06 09:31  
Blogger Tanya said...

testy test. is this thing on???

6/6/06 15:03  
Anonymous Amy said...

Hellooooo???? I see you! Great pics Tanya. The ducks are beautiful - your backyard is turning into a real sanctuary! Love the pics of Cael and Iain too! LOL! (Looks like me after a few drinks!!) They're both getting so big!

7/6/06 07:24  
Blogger Tanya said...

ok phew...apparently i was having issues with my comments. i somehow turned on the "moderate comments" option and yet didn't receive any notifications that i had comments to approve. fixed now. ;)

the ducks are gone. :( jon drained the water from the pool cover. poor duckies...they so loved eating the rotting stuff.

7/6/06 09:49  
Blogger suze said...

oh that is lovely. What a great treat!!! Too bad they're gonna have to find a new place to nest now.

9/6/06 14:59  
Blogger Tanya said...

they've been back!! we haven't actually taken the cover off yet and with the rain we've had, they're attracted to it again. ;)

10/6/06 09:40  
Blogger LauraJ said...

Very nice ducks! How exciting! We had our own couple here too about a few weeks ago but they were hanging out on the neighbours front lawn. They were so cute. Then last week as I was sitting in my chair on the porch they came back, and the boy duck was in MY yard. I didnt want to scare them away so I just sat and watched. They are such beautiful birds. (btw, I came over from Beanie Baby's place)

12/6/06 11:02  
Blogger Tanya said...

laura, hi and thanks for visiting! :D

its been fun having the ducks! my son asks where they are every day so he can go feed them some bread. so very cute. :)

13/6/06 10:11  

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