July 04, 2006

Ready for another kid post?

Well, too bad. 'Cuz that's all I've got.

Cael stuff:

he is the funniest kid ever. a sampling of what he's saying lately:

"mmmm...good job mommy!" (after i make him dinner)
"oh nooooo" (with hands on his face)
"i had fun on the trampoline mommy. ow ow ow ow ow ow..." (the sitter's younger son takes the kids on the trampoline sometimes and cael loves it. we have no clue what the "ow ow ow" is for tho...)
"oh wow! look at the _____"
"iain, please don't touch. IAIN! what did i say baby boy?" (this one kills me...)
"where's daddy/mommy/dump truck/noo-noos? oh! its right here...hi daddy/mommy/dump truck/noo-noos" (this is always said when the person/object in question is right in front of him...)
"hi daddy! hi cael. how are you? i had fun on the trampoline daddy. ow ow ow ow ow..." (he played out this conversation with large and small watering cans...large being daddy and small being him. he even changed the voices)
"shhhh iain...mr. murphy is sleeping..." (mr murphy is his sock monkey...he named it after mr. murphy on poko...)

he's loving the pool this year...he's an expert bubble blower. he's already quite comfortable doing the "1-2-3 jump" thing from the side of the pool. last year it took him a good month before he'd try that.

we're kind of sort of trying to potty train. i got a cute little potty that actually makes flush sounds. at this point, he just likes to sit there (if i'm lucky) and "flush". he hasn't peed for me at all in the potty yet, but he has peed for gail. they made quite the big deal about it. AND he got gummy bears, which we've decided is our bribery tool.

we're at the "what's that" stage. he asks what everything is. and he retains it...

he tries to bargain at meal times...

"cael, would you like a grilled cheese?"
"how about...ice cream?"
"we don't have any ice cream...but i can make you a grilled cheese!"
"how aboooout...vitamins?" (gummy bears)
"um, noooo..."

For your viewing pleasure...here is Cael demonstrating his "ow ow ow" thing while Iain looks on:

Iain's turn!

he loves doors. he is always crawling into a room and closing himself in. when i go to rescue him, he's inevitably behind the door so i can't open it. i've also discovered that he can open doors if he's up at that level. he can reach his closet door from his crib, and i've gone in several times to get him after a sleep to find the door open, even though i had closed it.

still eating well. and i'm trying to figure out how he manages to make crunching noises when he only has two teeth.

he's another water lover. and damn is he brave! we have one of those spring floats (the outside inflates and there is mesh on the inside) and both he and cael like to use it as their own personal tub within the pool. iain will put his face right in the water and blow bubbles. we were amazed.

he says daddy! and means it!

he's insanely rough with the poor cats. he grabs handfuls of fur and yanks for all he's worth. cael was never ever this bad. the cats are both pretty patient...they'll yowl for me to come rescue them but that's about it. tho newton did give iain a scratch on the weekend. and that's fine...he's gotta learn.

he starting to stand for a few seconds at a time. and he will walk while pushing anything he can get his little hands on. usually his walker thingie, but he'll push his high chair, the exersaucer, the little rocking chair...you name it. he's a bit of a brute...

Here's the little fella walking with his push-walker while giggling like a fool. And trying to get it to go my favourite way...smacking the crap out of it:

We're all better now...no more shit attacks. Iain lasted until Sunday...almost a full week for him. And this week he's resting up. He's been sleeping 6 hrs a day, plus his nights. Which is good for me 'cuz I'm still feeling pretty run down.

Speak of the devil...he's awake and babbling in there!


Blogger ccw said...

They are so cute!

Didn't you know that if you smack something enough it will work?

Your kitties sound like they have a rough life. Not-So-Baby H is currently trying to hold the cats. It is so sad.

7/7/06 09:48  

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