November 24, 2006

Ride-on update...'cuz I know you've been on the edge of your seats

OK, so I looked on eBay (I'm SO friggin' addicted to that place...) and found the identical ride-on as Cael has, brand new in box. Long story short, it cost me less to buy it from the nice eBay lady than I paid last year for Cael's at ToysRUs. Including shipping. Unreal. And my mom and Jon thought it wasn't a bad idea for them to have the same one. Less fighting. But gods help me when they're both tearing around on their "bikes" (Cael's term) blaring their "radios" (the little battery operated thingie on the front that plays annoying songs and other random noises).

I'm seeing visions of 15 years from now...except the vehicle(s) of choice will be our car(s) and not little plastic "bikes". And the music will be significantly more annoying. And of course they'll be out in the streets annoying the neighbours and others.

I think I'll enjoy their innocence while I can...


Blogger PeanutButtersMum said...

OHmigosh, that'll be SO cute! Do you have photos of said "bike?" I'm sooo curiass!

24/11/06 16:30  
Anonymous TT said...

Seriassly, can we get pics? hehe

24/11/06 20:30  
Blogger Tanya said...

yep, its this one! :D

25/11/06 11:25  
Blogger ccw said...

So cute!

It's scary to think that our babies will be driving one day.

29/11/06 09:15  

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