September 27, 2006


I'm swimming in boxes and packing tape here, but Cael has been a riot lately…have to post these before I forget.

This morning, after he finished his oatmeal:

C: Yes!
Me: Uh…yes?
C: Yes!!
Me: Yes to what, sweets?
C: Yes to grapes, mom!
Me: Would you like some grapes?
C: Oh!  Yes please!
Me: (brings grapes) Here you go…yummy grapes!
C: Oh wow!  Thanks mom!

C: (running pantless into the living room) Come see!!
Me: (following him into his room)  Well look at that!
C: (dancing) I did a poop poop poopyyyyy!
Me: You sure did!
C: And its stiiiinky!

Newton has an issue with the litter box.  As long as his paws are in it, then he lets loose, even if his arse is hanging over the edge.  Which he did last nite…and he had an audience.

C: (standing two feet away from Tubby) Oooooh…that's not good.

Dinner on Monday:

Me: Would you like some broccoli?
C: Sure!  I LOVE broccoli!
Me: (scrambling…that wasn't the answer I was expecting) OK!  Here you go…some nice crunchy broccoli!
C: (takes a bite)  I don't like broccoli.


Blogger ccw said...

They are so funny!

Not-So-Baby H made up and entire song about her stinky poop yesterday. It's made better by the fact that she used the words stinky and stanky.

28/9/06 09:19  

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