September 19, 2006

Quick hair update

The good news is, its not pink! The…well, not BAD news really, is that the dark blonde dye actually turned my hair darker. Go fig. So now I have a chestnutty-reddish colour going on. Vague enough? In any case, its much better than it was…and looks like a more natural colour, even though it isn't MY natural colour. But apparently I can pull off many different colours with my eyes and skin tone 'cuz everyone here always says that whatever colour I have at any given time suits me. Or maybe they're just being nice and tittering about me behind my back...

I did take before and after pix (well, Jon did…and he stood way too close to the back of my head and the flash level was way too high to see anything other than a big reddish pink mass in the centre of the picture, so I can't see a difference at all. But he assures me that it no longer has a fushia tinge. Which is definitely a good thing...) but in my rushing around this morning, I forgot to grab the memory card. And I'm not spending any more time sulking about my hair, so I won't bother posting them tomorrow either.

Onward! :D


Blogger PeanutButtersMum said...

Aw, c'mon..... I WANT to see the pics woman!!!

20/9/06 07:52  
Blogger Tanya said...

i forgot again...sorry! ;)

20/9/06 08:22  
Blogger ccw said...

Glad you aren't pink.

I took pics of my hair when it was messed up but I also never got around to posting them.

20/9/06 08:26  

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