August 24, 2006

Working girl

So. Here I am, back at work. Its summer, so its pretty dead…a nice time to be transitioning back into things. But at the same time there is lots of program related stuff going on that I have to wrap my head around. I honestly feel like I've been walking around in a daze the past three days. Which isn't much different from my usual state of mind, but that's ok.

When we dropped the kids off at the sitter's on Monday, it was bittersweet. I KNOW Cael is happy there and I know Iain will be too. But I got a pang when we were driving away and Iain was watching us go with a worried look on his little face. :( He looked so confused and it hit me that I'll never get that one-on-one time again unless I purposely create the time. Either have Jon and Cael take off for a while or I take Iain away so we can do something. But its still not the same. My "home with baby" days are gone forever.

Don't get me wrong…I like being in the land of the living again. I'm wearing nice clothes (even tho a lot of my stuff doesn't fit me anymore…I cried this morning 'cuz the first three outfits I tried on sagged on me), I'm wearing make-up (and breaking out…thank you, thank you…), I have time to eat at least two meals a day (breakfast when I get to work, and lunch of course) and I get to be a part of the busy city again. Yes, even though I am a total rural girl, I did miss the bustle of the city. And Ottawa is beautiful, especially in the summer! I love the old buildings and flower arrangements they plant in public areas. I love being close to where the decisions are made…I'm literally a block away from the Parliament buildings. I love hearing the Peace Tower bells when I'm out walking. And the view of the newly renovated and put back together Library of Parliament that I get while walking from our parking spot is stunning. I can't believe how good of a job they did…its truly a work of art.

I get regular updates throughout the day from Gail…whenever one of the boys does something cute (or not so cute, but that rarely happens), she'll call. I've had two this morning, one saying that both of the kids were dancing to her son's music. Cael will dance like a fool, jumping around with his skinny arms flailing, and Iain will try his best co copy. Which usually leads to him falling over because he just doesn't have the coordination yet. I so wish I could see it…

So once I get more settled, look for more posts. I have some Green Toddler stuff to update on, some photos from our cottage vacation, and maybe even a book review if I think I could do a good enough job of it. We ARE moving office space sometime in the next few weeks, but no-one knows when exactly. So preparing for that will take some time since I have a looooot of file sorting to do. Which I love. Immensely. Can you hear the dripping sarcasm? Yeah…


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