July 08, 2006

What should one do with Playdoh...

that has been peed on? Wash it? Chuck it?

Just askin'...


Anonymous Amy said...

Uhhh, I'm gonna vote for Chuck It. Um, how did the play-doh get peed on?

10/7/06 08:41  
Blogger ccw said...

toss it out immediately if not sooner. However, who peed on the play-doh? The cats or a kid?

10/7/06 09:51  
Blogger Tanya said...

tks ladies...i was only half serious tho. its gone...lol!

it was cael...i give him stuff to play with while he sits on the potty. he asked for play-doh and i didn't see the harm. on friday nite he was taking his sweet time peeing and when he finally called for me, i went in to find bits of play-doh in the potty, and he had crammed some doh into a stacking cup and somehow got some pee in there too. so, yah... good times.

10/7/06 10:11  
Anonymous Amy said...

LOL! At least it wasn't oatmeal!! Hahaha!

11/7/06 14:13  

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