September 18, 2006

Worst dye job EVER

For the summer, I went lighter than usual. Normally I have auburn-ish hair…this summer I went all wild and dyed it a light strawberry blonde. Incidentally, when my mom visited, she said it was the EXACT colour my hair was when I was a kid…and now I have to do it artificially. I guess that's why everyone said it looked so natural on me.

Anyway, now that fall is coming (yaaay! Fall!!), I decided it was time to get rid of the blonde and welcome back a warm red that I usually get with henna. But since I'd used a dye (ammonia free from the health food store, but still…I had a bad experience a couple of years back with using henna over blonde highlights after the hairdresser assured me that they didn't have to bleach it since my hair was already fairly light, so it would be safe. Ask me someday about my green hair…), I was wary of using henna. So off I go to the health food store to try another colour of the same line I used to get the blonde. Colour 8C...
copper blonde (the translation of that page is very funny…) sounded nice! And it was just a shade darker than what I had…perfect. Not too drastic.

Last night, I decide to do it. I only need half the kit since my hair is short…so I get two dye jobs for the price of one. I leave it in for the allotted 20 minutes and then wash it out. While wet, it definitely looks darker. I let it dry naturally, as recommended in the instructions. When it was dry, I went back to the mirror. And nearly passed out.

My hair is burgundy. I'm not kidding. Jon even thinks there's a pink tinge to it. What the fuck do I do now?

NEVER have I had a dye job that didn't look somewhat natural. This is soooo not a colour found in nature. I wish I'd been in the state of mind to take a picture last nite or this morning to show you all. Its bad. I was almost embarrassed to walk here from the car because I felt like everyone was staring/laughing at me and my wine coloured hair. That's probably not the case, but humour me here...

So now, I have to go to the health food store near my work (they have a different line of herbal dyes than this one was, but I've used it before) to check out what they have. Just to tone it down a bit…maybe a light chestnut would cover it up enough to still let some red through, but tone down the burgundy? I don't want it much darker, but I don't think I have much of a choice. I'm scared to go lighter in case I end up with totally pink hair. That would be much, much worse.

Oh well…its not the end of the world. Its just hair, after all! At least I'm wearing a funky outfit, so maybe it looks like I MEANT to do this? The burning question is…what the holy hell do I do with the other half of the kit? Does anyone out there have short hair and look good with burgundy hair?

Ok, you can laugh now. Even though I'm pretty sure you already were. ;)

And to make a funny bad thing into a bad day, I forgot to put my
boobs in this morning. Super duper.

In other news…

Our Big Move has been pushed back a week. Fuuuuuck. We're all working out of boxes because we were told it might happen today, but might not happen 'til Friday, so be ready. Now the
phone company says they won't switch all of the phone numbers over until the end of the month. What I'd like to know is what the people who have already moved are doing. I assume they got THEIR phones switched. So we're in limbo. At least I'll have lots of time to get stuff cleaned properly (like the walls in my new office…honestly, it looks like someone sprayed coke all over the back wall. At least my bookcase is going there if it doesn't come off with some scrubbing) and properly archive some stuff.

And the kids! Adorable as usual. Iain's latest thing is wandering around the house with his pudgy arms in the air yelling "TOUCHDOOOOWN!" even if there isn't any football on. Everything he can get his hands on is to be used as a phone (he'll hold a dishcloth to his ear and wander around talking into it). And he also says "d'oh!" and hits his head a la Homer Simpson. Makes me so proud. Cael is doing insanely well with his potty training. He'll quite often spend all day in the same diaper/underwear because we manage to catch him before he pees every time. But he still doesn't always tell us when he has to go. Which I understand is normal and it will be a while before he does. He did shock Jon yesterday by telling him he needed the potty tho, so we were thrilled with that.

My laptop is back in the hands of its mama! And I missed it. It took Jon all morning yesterday to get the wireless configured, and it still is dropping the connection every five minutes, but we're almost there.

Anyway, I think the store opened at 9:00, so I'm gonna duck out before the fun starts here...


Blogger ccw said...

Burgundy hair? So sorry.

Since it's short you should be able to fix it pretty easily.

18/9/06 10:49  
Anonymous Donna said...

ooooh, that's bad. i'm sure you can fix it up with another colour and your hair is short so i guess at worst you could let it grow a bit and then cut it super short. i'm always scared when i dye my hair that something weird will happen and i'll have to go to work with bright orange or green hair. i have to admit though, when you said, "This is soooo not a colour found in nature.", i snickered a bit. thanks for the giggle!

18/9/06 14:23  
Anonymous Dawn said...

burgandy is a nice colour honest!!

18/9/06 14:24  
Blogger Tanya said...

dawn, it might be a nice colour, but not on me! lol!

donna, glad you got a laugh out of it at least. ;)

i went out and bought herbatint 8N. it says light blonde, but to me it looks more like a light brown, both on the box and on the sample hair thingie in the store. i'll let you know tmo if i end up with pink...

18/9/06 15:41  
Anonymous Amy said...

Ohhh, I so feel your pain!! I hope you are able to fix it without too much damage to your hair. I kinda had a funny (bad) thing happen to my hair two weeks ago. Ya know how blonde it was? I wanted to do the same as you, go a bit darker for fall. I asked the hairdresser to put caramel colored low-lights and they came out BLACK. I looked like a skunk!! She tried to lighten it a bit, then I did an all over lightener that weekend, then back the next week for another dose of "bleaching". The skunk look is gone, but it's still no-where near the look I had wanted. Like you said tho, it's only hair, so I guess I can live with it. At least Levi stopped teasing me now...

19/9/06 11:43  
Blogger Tanya said...

Oh man...lmao!

I sometimes have to wonder what original colour they base the sample colour on. Obviously not blonde. Maybe light or medium brown?

20/9/06 14:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you had to go through this.
I just had a similiar incident happen to me,my hair is long. I wanted to have my roots done, I have honey blonde hair and when summer is gone it just looks so dull. So at the salon I just wanted a little hair pick me up and the hair to blend together. I happened to see another woman with hair that had chunks of blonde, darker blonde and a real soft purpleish effect working at this salon. I commented on how I liked her hair. So I had this idea done instead. What I ended up with is nothing like what the other woman had.
Well, anyway what I ended up with was purplish, plum colored long hair. Talk about when you look in the mirror. I just wanted to walk right out of the salon. I lived with this vivid color for one entire day. I made an appoinment to have this changed the next day to restore the color that I had and it still isn't right but it is better than what it was. I was just sick. I spent alot of money to have the salon goof up my hair. I could have done that at home for alot cheaper.Between the two salon visits I spent 160.00 and 9 hours sitting in the chair. I will never have this done again. Now my hair is so fragile that I am afraid to even wash it for fear of damaging it even more.
The color itself would have been nice on someone else but me? Not.
I drive a school bus, and work in a chiropractors office I think I stunned them all by my glowing vivid colorful hair.
I also am a 45 year young grandmother which I try to have everyone refraise as glamma. I had to attend the baptism of my grandchild in a church so I had to try to have my hair back to some normalcy as much as possible.
It was quite an experience that I will pay for for a very long time. Because now I don't know if I ever have to have my hair done again it is going to take along time due to the damage that this last experience cost not just in money but for the health of my hair.
Thank you for having this blog out there because it has helped me to ease my mind and know that other people experience similar situations.

13/11/06 07:14  

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