September 12, 2006


Hear them? Yeah…thought so. Its pretty dead in here, huh? Shall I make more excuses? Suuuure….

For starters, as I've mentioned, we're moving offices. Next week. Am I ready? Hell no. I've been packing OTHER offices. Somehow our group has three uninhabited offices that are full of junk. Most of it is just cabinets full of stuff to be recycled, but there everything has to be gone through in case there are items to be archived, or confidential documents that need to be sent away for shredding. HUGE job. To make things interesting, our building only has seven big recycling bins that have to be shared with thirteen other floors. And leases must all be up this month or something because we're all fighting over bins. We're basically calling every day hoping to get one bin. And when we do finally get one, its filled within five minutes because we dump all of the paper that we've been clogging the smaller bins with. Then we wait for pick-up and delivery of another. Usually, time between a full bin and a new empty one is two days. Ridiculous.

It doesn't help that some big important people are moving. Jack Layton currently has some offices upstairs and they apparently get priority over bins…they get two per day. But I guess that's ok.
But anyway…within two weeks we'll be moved and settled. But not too settled because its looking like our program is sunsetting (fancy pants = ending), so we'll be asked to vacate next year. Groovy.

So what's up with us? Besides lots of snot and whiny boys? Actually, that's about it. Both kids are sick. Although I really can't complain…Cael has been wonderful. No whining, still sleeping well and pretty good appetite. He started getting symptoms last Wednesday and he's right as rain now. Iain on the other hand…he was pretty miserable. I stayed home with him on Friday and he basically whimpered in my arms when he wasn't sleeping. Which he did…twice that day, thank the gods. His nights have been decent too, so I guess I can't complain too much about him either. I guess I'm just a whiner. But he has been teething as well. It looks like the appearance of two more teeth is imminent. I wish they'd just pop out and be done with it…I'm not used to having a bad teether. Speaking of whiner, Jon has been sick too. He went out Saturday nite (I won't go into that one…the whole netiquette thing) and woke up Sunday with a cold. Karma, I tell you… And he's been worse than the kids. Makes me laugh.

In other news, my laptop is still in the shop. Its been six weeks. *sigh* I know they said six to eight, but come on! I'm dying here! I keep telling myself that it will be worth it in the long run to have a laptop that is actually portable. The battery has never worked and it makes it hard to take it to the kitchen to do a recipe (for example) when you have to shut down, unplug, log in again blah blah blah. So I'm looking forward to taking it with me to the cottage or wherever so I can just tap away wherever I am.

I have a couple of photos (since the boys are cute as buttons right now and you MUST all be suffering withdrawl) but as usual, Blogger is being a pain in my ass by not letting me upload photos.* So I'm just going to load 'em from Photobucket and hope that the resizing works…it can be sporatic.

Let's start with some eating pix. Cael with his new favorite snack...freshly picked carrots! Grown in window boxes, which worked wonderfully! I'm going to attempt winter gardening as well once I get a light fixture. If it means Cael will actually eat something different, I'll do anything.

And Iain...his taste in food is more...varied.

And if this image doesn't make you melt into a puddle of goo, then I'm sorry. You have no heart.

Yes...they are ACTUALLY hugging! Cael will also walk around the house holding Iain's hand (which means, Cael drags him around the house while Iain giggles like a fool and tries not to fall because Cael walks too fast), showing him everything. "See that Iain? That's planets!"** Friggin' adorable.

The bookcases are calling my name. Someone make them shut up, PLEASE. And send me a few recycle bins...

*Has anyone been brave enough to try the Blogger beta version? I'd like to do the switch if its the categories would be awesome. Or am I the only one that has problems?? Anyway, if you come in here one day and everything looks different, that's why...

**I am the best mom EVER and bought Cael a solar system mobile. He LOVES it. I thought it might be a bit above him, but he is genuinely interested!


Blogger ccw said...

That is the cutest picture. Your boys are too cute for words.

I hope the boys feel better soon!

Have a great weekend!

15/9/06 13:10  
Anonymous Dawn said...

I love the pictures!! love them (and Ross has the same style of taste buds LMAO!!) so adorbale!!

18/9/06 14:25  
Anonymous suze said...

awww. that last picture is so sweet.

18/9/06 16:44  

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