August 24, 2006

Recent conversations

Me: What's that SMELL?? [sniffs air and Cael's head and face à la Bear in the Big Blue House]
C: Its sunscream [a.k.a. sunscreen] mommy!

Me: Dora is over…do you know what that means?
C: Yeah.
Me: OK squirt, lets get you in your bed.
C: No, it means I play with cars.
Me: I don’t think so…its bedtime, bud.
C: Its bedtime AFTER I play with cars.
Me: I see…

Me: Do you have to pee?
C: okay
Me: [getting potty] All right, here you go!
C: [shakes head] No potty mommy.
Me: Don't you have to pee?
C: [shakes head no]
Me: Did you just pee in your undies?
C: I guess I did! [looks down in mock surprise]


Blogger ccw said...

So cute!

I love the last one!

25/8/06 08:12  

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