September 19, 2006

Politics and the War

I don't often write about political issues. But I am a total political junkie…I love reading about what's going down on the Hill, and would love to be able to just sit in the gallery in the House of Commons for a day and watch the proceedings. I know, how boring of me, right? No way! As much as we gripe about politicians, they ARE the ones who pass the bills and run the country. I find it pretty neat that it happens a couple of blocks away!

As more and more Canadian soldiers are killed in Afghanistan, insistance that Harper pull out the troops is increasing. Jack Layton has said that the mission is no longer what it was supposed to be, which was a reconstruction mission, and that troops should all be home by February.

I can't BELIEVE that I am actually backing this* man (can you say YEEHAW!) on something. I've been an NDP supporter for as long as I can remember (I had no choice really, with my dad being NDP and all…the party values were instilled in me very young) and it kills me to say it, but I think the troops should stay. Like SH (Stephen Harper or shithead….take it as you want) has said, we're there now and we should finish the job. If we pulled out now, how would that look? Canadian military personnel have always been seen as the peacekeepers, the rebuilders. I don't think it would be a good idea for us to turn our back on the Afghanistan at a time when they need support.

Having dated a couple of guys who were involved in the military, I know they are a proud bunch. They don't want to be killed or injured while serving, but they go anyway and serve with honour.

That being said, I don't like the war. I think it sucks that so many of our troops are being killed, and they aren't even in combat. Which brings me to another controvercial action by our buddy SH. He refused to put the Peace Tower flag at healf mast for fallen troops. At first, I was pretty upset that he wouldn't lower the flag. The least he can do is have the flag lowered to show respect and to honour yet another man or woman who has fallen for their country. But if you think about it, at the rate we're losing soldiers, the flag would never be raised. Pretty depressing. I for one would be sad every single time I walked by Parliament Hill and saw the flag down yet again. Which is worse for national morale? So again (dammit) I support SH on this one (double dammit).

But believe me, there are lots of things I don't agree with. The guy is a backwards, redneck** moron...

* That cartoon is in NO way meant to bash Americans, for any who might be reading. I just did a search for SH and there it was…and I think its pretty damn funny.
** I have nothing against rednecks either. I grew up one and managed to turn out ok!


Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

See, I think we *should* be depressed every time another soldier is killed. It's the least we can do if other people are risking their lives.

19/9/06 17:37  
Blogger Tanya said...

Well, I AM. It makes me sad to think of our people dying over there. I think of it every morning when I pass the war memorial. And almost daily when I hear the news that another is gone.

I WAS mad when it first came out that they wouldn't lower the flag. Like you say, its the least they could do out of respect after sending them over there. I just wonder what they would do now, when there are deaths almost daily. Would they change their minds and decide not to lower the flag any more, instead saving that for senators and whoever else rated a flag lowering? That would be a real kick in the teeth for any soldiers' families who were lost after that decision.

Anyway, trust me, I do find it depressing. And I appreciate them every day for what they do.

20/9/06 08:22  
Anonymous Amy said...

It's sad. All of it. Terran is determined that (at the age of almost 13) he wants to join the reserves when he's old enough. It's his passion. He has told me that he will fight for peace if he has to, that he thinks it's so unfair that these people in other countries don't have the same security as we do. All of the fallen soldiers are someone's sons or daughters. I hope I never see the day when my son is serving overseas, but it is a very real possibility. I was very upset when the flag wasn't lowered. I think it's disrespectful. Every life is valuable, not just senators and other "big wigs". We should feel sad or depressed every time the flag is lowered. Maybe it will cause others to pause for a moment and appreciate the sacrifices that these young men and women are making every day. Good post, Tanya.

20/9/06 10:06  
Blogger Tanya said...

Hmmm...that would be hard to deal with. On one hand, its wonderful that he is so devoted and determined to do something. On the other hand...its a big "something" to do.

He's a good kid, Ame...hell, I'm proud of him and I barely know him! ;)

20/9/06 14:27  

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