September 22, 2006

Friday bullets

I actually started this yesterday…and that's a pretty good indication as to what my whole WEEK has been like. I'll be So. Glad. When this move is done.

  • So yeah, we're still packing. Its slow and torturous. Enough said on that, I think.

  • Building on the recent talk of the new skinny pant fashion craze, I actually bought a pair of (semi) skinny pants my first week back. Just because I needed a pair of black pants that fit me properly. I noticed that they had a slight taper, but shrugged and bought them anyway. But I haven't worn them yet. Partly because I have no clue what shoes to wear with them. I guess chunky heels? But not pumps (not that I own a pair of actual pumps anyway), 'cuz the pants themselves are kinda funky? Please don't say ballet style, or flats at all, 'cuz flats on my feet when I'm not wearing at least a boot cut are bad news. I have big feet compared to the skinniness of my legs and when I wear flats it looks like I have flippers on. Seriously.

  • Cael has started pushing Iain and just being mean in general. I'm shocked 'cuz he is such a gentle kid and for the most part ISN'T rough with him. He's just being a jerk sometimes. Please tell me it’s a phase?

  • Newton isn't quite right. He's increased his eating, drinking and peeing again, which usually means his insulin dosage is off. But according to the vet, he's at the maximum dosage already at 3 units morning and night. Though the last time I went to pick up some insulin, they gave them to me still in the case and the instructions on there said to go up to 4 units. Which is right?? Must do research on that…

  • I started my classe de français on Wednesday! Its great…a lot better than the classes I was taking before my mat leave(s). They actually cover the exact course outline as the school of the Public Service, which rocks. And the teacher also speaks English. My previous teacher was from France and didn't speak a WORD of English. So its nice to have a teacher who can explain why something is like it is to us in our mother tongue. So here's hoping I get my B's in the next few months!

  • I've jumped on the Lucky Bamboo bandwagon and bought one to dress up my new office. Apparently, you can't kill it. I've had rotten luck with plants in my office, so all I have to say about that is "we'll see…"

  • I'm so in denial that its going to rain all bloody weekend. The kids get so wound up when they have to spend the day inside. I hope it least gets warm out…we'll don our rain gear and go out in it anyway.

Have a great weekend!


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