September 25, 2006


Its that time of year…the United Way fundraising campaign. Every year, our department does all sorts of stuff to raise money (hee hee…I typoed monty…freudian slip?). Dress down Fridays (which are a little silly 'cuz every day is dress-down day here), a big karaoke fundraiser that usually brings in thousands of dollars (that's for sector wide only…its loads of fun! No doubt there will be more on that from me in the coming weeks), 50/50 tickets and other stuff.

This year, they're trying something different. Yep, Bingo. They sold us our cards last week and the draw is every day at 11:45. Just so we can be authentic and all, my co-worker and I just went to Zellers and bought…wait for it…bingo markers. Yeppers, I'm officially an old, bingo card dabbin' woman. I chose the turquoise one. I sensed it was the lucky one.

Seven minutes 'til the draw…my marker is at the ready.


Anonymous Wendy said...

You're too cute! But good luck!

Oh and next time you're out you should see if you could get a lucky troll doll too! LOL!

25/9/06 13:28  
Blogger Tanya said...

that is a GREAT idea. or maybe my lucky bamboo is good enough? i did get quite a few numbers today...we'll see where it takes me. ;)

25/9/06 14:13  
Anonymous TT said...


27/9/06 19:48  
Anonymous suze said...

BINGO! we do United Way bingo in our department too. I love it :)

3/10/06 08:45  

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