January 08, 2007

A milestone?

Cael received his very first Thomas the Tank Engine (I gather a.k.a. TtFTE) toy as an early birthday present. Its a DVD set that came with a "Limited Edition Collectible" engine, so I'm sure its not the fancy ones that most kids have. But he's thrilled with it and it hasn't left his hand since Gail spoiled him with it at Best Buy yesterday. It even went to bed with him, and when I woke him up to start at the new (temporary) daycare this morning, it was still gripped tightly in his little hand. Apparently you can add to it (there's a little magnetic thingie on the back where a car attaches), so Gail said she is going to buy him more for each occasion. Oh dear... Well, it could be worse, right? RIGHT??

So yeah...as mentioned, the kids are at a new home daycare today. For the full five weeks we need her for. We found yet another woman (this was the third that I visited) who seems awesome and the kids loved her. I think because her five year old son has a plethora of cars, trucks and trains to play with. There are no other kids there right now (she's pregnant and off work and will be opening an actual daycare once she feels up to it after baby is born) but she has run a daycare in the past. She is willing to try the cloth diapers too, tho she was a bit nervous about it. But she's going to give it a go! I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

So here I sit, with my grande decaf and maple oat nut scone. Alone. I can actually finish my scone and drink my coffee before it gets cold and nasty. Is it bad that I'm the happiest I've been in a long time?

The big news here...the building management had to fumigate the bottom part of the building on the weekend (I'm exactly half-way up...does that count as bottom half?) because apparently there is vermin of some sort in the little cafeteria on the second floor. Nice... I've been boycotting them anyway 'cuz the service is SHITE and the employees are rude, but there's another good reason to steer clear.


Blogger ccw said...

TTFTE has invaded your home? Beware he will probably need friends.

Coffee and a scone - sounds like heaven to me.

8/1/07 16:45  
Blogger Amy said...

Sigh! It's all gone to hell for ya now - CCW is right. TTFTE will need friends. Lots of them. (Friends you will step on in your bare feet in the middle of the night while stealthily trying to sneak last nights cold KFC out of the fridge!)
It's good to hear that the kids like the new sitter-And I'm so happy to hear that you're happy!!

I'm so jealous about the coffee and scone too. Kinda makes my thrice reheated green tea and cold crust of toast while Tonkas barrell through the kitchen look kinda, well... cold and crusty!!

8/1/07 19:43  
Blogger Tanya said...

oh dear... ok, tks for the warning ladies. i'll start saving my pennies.

amy, your breakfast sds like my typical one. tea/coffee can only be re-heated so many times before it becomes undrinkable.

9/1/07 09:24  
Blogger themikestand said...

Yep, good luck with Thomas and Friends. The real danger, I've found, is that they're REALLY fun to buy for your kids. We must have 30 in the house now.

The really good news is that if your kid stays interested, you've got birthdays covered for a good long while :) (also, ebay is a good place to get stuff cheap, as long as your order from Canada).

12/1/07 14:35  
Blogger photos&me said...

I agree Thomas will need friends muhahahaha!!

So which engine did he get?? S also received a gift set dvd and engine over the holidays

12/1/07 14:59  
Blogger Tanya said...

mike, yah...the hubby was way too excited for a 37 year-old to have an toy train in the house. boys... maybe i'll send him to buy the add-ons when its time. i'll certainly keep an eye on ebay...tks for the tip! as if i'm not addicted enough already.

dawn (you can't fool me!!), he got a little wee thomas. and its small. as long as my F.U. finger. but its cute and he likes it. i think it MIGHT even fit on the little train table he's getting for his birthday next week. so if we keep collecting, it will all go together nicely.

12/1/07 19:02  
Blogger themikestand said...

Oh, one more thing...if you plan on using the wooden track, don't buy the "Thomas Take Along" (die-cast) trains... Cheaper, yes, but they don't fit properly. If your little guy is going to just use them like dinky cars, buy whatever you like.

12/1/07 20:49  

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