April 17, 2007

The Cat

Pinxit-cat, that is. I think that I mentioned a while back that I was syringe feeding Her Bitchiness because she wouldn't eat. A hunger strike brought on by the introduction of the foster kitten now known as Percy. And she ended up with fatty liver. Lost a lot of weight, lethargic etc. I was syringe feeding up until last week. Yep, over two months of syringe feeding. The vet assured me that her appetite would come back once she had food into her. I was adding Milk thistle and dandelion root supplements to her food as it is supposed to help heal/clean the liver and increase appetite. Nothing.

I had to take Sir Percival of The Backyard in for his booster just before Easter, so I mentioned the still not eating to the vet. She prescribed a medicine (that I forget the name of because its at home) that is intended to be used as an antihistimine for humans. I Googled it (of course…teh Google is indispensible) and found out that for whatever reason, it increases cats' appetites. Sure, whatever. I get it, pill her (which is another story…thank friggin' god its Newton and not her that I give six vitamins a day to…) and I kid you not…within HALF AN HOUR she was scarfing down wet food. I wept. Well, practically.

That continued for the weekend. She seemed to really be digging the dry food…sick of the wet stuff that I forced down her throat for so long, no doubt. We came home from work on Tuesday to find her lethargic and weak, and there were piles of puke (food and foam…sorry for the visual) all over the house. Dammit. So I put in a call to the vet and while I was waiting, I took advantage of Google again and found that she was getting four times the amount that is usually recommended. If that happens, they do well at first, but the drug builds up in their system and they get sick. The vet recommended that I cut the pills in half (they were already in half…so quarters) and give 1/4 day and nite. I decided that I'd try 1/4 once a day only since that's what the Google gods said to start with, working up to more only if necessary. She perked up within a couple of days, but was still throwing up everything she ate. I stuck with it…figuring it was still the excess meds.

We went away for the weekend, so the last dose of meds she had was on Saturday morning. I wasn't sure what we'd come back to on Sunday. To my surprise, she met us at the door looking great. And NO puke anywhere in the house. She was still eating like a horse. So I made an executive decision to stop the meds without talking to the vet. She is still eating. On her own. Yay. Looks like she's on her way…thank the gods because I honestly thought we were losing her last week. She looked terrible. And I'm not ready for her to go yet. Selfish I know…but I knew it was fixable and not worth putting her down for.

So there's the latest chapter in the Cat Chronicles. What we do for our animals…its crazy.

And just because Newton needs a royal name too…King Newton the Rotund. There.


Blogger ccw said...

I hope she continues to do well.

22/4/07 20:34  

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