March 20, 2007

ENOUGH already!

Gah…I'm so done with winter. I'm sick of struggling with getting coats and boots onto two toddlers who turn into Gumby when getting dressed. I'm sick of wearing hats myself…I'm trying to grow my hair out and it doesn't like staticy hats. I'm tired of having permanent windburn on my face from my morning walk. And I really hope this was the last day I had to don my uber sexy, saggy arse windpants…the swooshing sound when I walk is starting to really grate on my nerves.

*breathe in….aaaand release*

Ok, I'm fine now. I know the warm weather is coming…they're calling for 14 glorious degrees on Thursday. And rain…but I'll take it.

Despite the cold, I've been feeling particularly warm and fuzzy the past few days. And no, its not a leftover St. Patty's buzz. Its thanks to the "warm glow" coming from the screen of my New! Toy! Jon bought me a Motorola Q on Friday and I've been proving my geekiness ever since by playing with it and tweaking things. I finally figured out how to get my Gmail properly set up on it, so I can now check my webmail while at work without breaking any internet rules. Ooooh yeah!

And since I have zero imagination lately, I'll share some conversations the kids have had with EACH OTHER. Definitely the coolest, most adorable thing in the world to listen to.

Car convo from this morning:
Cael: We're goin' to watch Thomas at Gail's.
Iain: Oh. An' Poko?
C: *sighing* NOOO, Iain…THOMAS.
I: Oh. Tumaas…

Dinner conversation:
C: Iain, say boogablahbeedabeedapoop!
I: *giggles* Funny Cael…
C: NO Iain, say boogerbleepboop!
I: No. I eet.

Overheard while they were playing with their FP garage:
C: Here Iain, you play wif da blue car an' da red boy.
I: ok!
C: No, dat's da orange one. I play wif dat one.
I: *Stomping and yelling* MIIIIINE!
C: Well, dat's jus' too bad.
C: Dat's a good boy Iain....I'm so proud uv you! See? Da blue car is fun!
I: Fun!
C: NO!! Iain!! I don' want kisses wight now! I'm playing!
I: Maaaaa! (his kiss sound)

Iain waking Cael up from his nap:
I: CAEL!! Whud you doin'? Seeping?
C: yes.

You're melting from teh cuteness, am I right? Yeah…


Anonymous Amy said...

Oh. my. god. You have the CUTEST little guys ever!!

20/3/07 23:06  
Blogger ccw said...

The boys!

I hope you get some better weather. We have been high 70's the past few days. Unseasonably warm for this time of year but I will take it since it is normally pouring rain.

26/3/07 12:02  

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