January 22, 2007

WHOYCBE Spoilee gift!

OK, so this was my first time participating in an exchange like this. I'd done it for kids, but never for adults! I had loads of fun hunting for stuff, and of course found many other things I would have bought instead after I sent the package. Typical…

The person whose name I "drew" said that her main favourite colour was blue. So I went a little hog-wild with the blue.

The gift box itself, and the funky bow:

The notebook (which was listed as something she likes, and also incorporates sparkliness) and roller ball pen (also a like):

And the chenille bath mitt I made, complete with loop for hanging:

As for other stuff, I picked up some dark Belgian chocolates (which was in a pretty box already…I just added the ribbon):

A cinnamon scented bath bomb from Lush (to DIE for…I was in last week to get some stuff and ended up buying one for myself)

And of all things sweet pea scented linen spray! This was listed in her favourite smells section and I wasn't even looking for it when it practically jumped off the store shelf at me. I hope it actually smells like sweet peas…and I hope it didn't leak. As I was walking into the post office with the box I could hear it sloshing and it dawned on me that I should have wrapped it in plastic.

And I made a card (since it was my obsession this year...how could I not??) using blue, of course, and what I hoped was fresh mango colour.

I had a lot of fun…I did end up holding on to the package longer than I should have just in case I was inspired by something else to add to the box. And of course the same day I sent it, I found two things that I would have loved to include. I also regret that I didn't write up a nice letter explaining why I picked up the items I did, as my giftee did for me. Anyway, I really hope it all arrived in one piece and nothing was damaged. I always worry about that since I stupidly sent a rather fragile item regular mail and it broke en route.


Blogger ccw said...

What a lovely gift!

I also forgot to send a card.

23/1/07 12:27  
Blogger Gawdessness said...

I think they were all lovely and really nicely packed and gorgeous and - uh - I have since used up a half bottle of the sweet pea spray and all of the lush bath thingy and had to go out and get more!


There will be, at some point in the future a small package in the mail for you still.

I meant to send you stuff that didn't get sent and then I was fearful that I had sent you one of my kid's adhd meds!

It has been like that around my edge of the world lately.

Thanks for everything!

25/1/07 13:20  

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